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Comment Re:At the risk of starting a flame war (Score 1) 193

Odd, I do touch type and my keyboard is about 2 years old, guess I'm not "people"... (rtard).

While you might have no problem hitting ctrl with your girly hands, us guys with big hands will have to move and twist our wrist in order to get down to ctrl, key, which is a fairly uncomfortable thing to do, and doing it lots of times every hour is going to kill my wrist - having big hands means escape is in a natural position for me while alt and ctrl are far away from my fingers.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 259

Wow, that's one hell of a straw man you've built there, Clem.

You whined about a single backer, and I gave a direct example of the US government being a single backer for another financial subset. Apparently, using a direct single backer already run by the government is a "strawman" because it disagrees with your premise that the government is evil.

Here's the problem with deposit insurance being tax-backed: you're not entitled to take my money if your bank goes belly-up. Nor are you entitled to compel other depositors to pay into an "insurance" fund (which doesn't actually keep any money in reserve, it just buys T-bills, but that's a fraud to discuss on another occasion.)

Wah. They aren't "entitled" to your money for that reason, but they have taken it for that reason. So you are wrong. 100% provably wrong. And if T-bills are fraud, then file charges against them. Otherwise, take your anti-psychotics and don't miss your appointment with your therapist. Or are you institutionalized yet? That makes getting to appointments easier, as they come get you.

Arguing what works in the real world by asserting your false theories as facts is the strawman. If you can't even feign sanity long enough to make an argument that doesn't presuppose that the FDIC is a criminal organization supported by a governmental conspiracy to steal your money and buy fictitious government securities, you shouldn't be talking about economics. Your therapists have probably told you as much. Or did you stop going because they are all in a conspiracy to get you?

Comment Odds (Score 1) 148

You know, 1 in 250,000 is of course a very, very, very (very, very) low chance, but... it's still a not insignificant possibility. That's slightly (very, very, very, very, very slightly) scary.

Comment Re:On SATA? (Score 2, Informative) 160

Yes, but if it was a PCI card, we couldn't plug these into external JBOD arrays that combine 24 drives and allows volumes/LUNs to be carved out and served up to various servers... Actually, it'd be nice if they made it SAS instead of SATA.

WTH is with high-end hardware using the low-performance ATA standard instead of SCSI nowadays, anyways?

If you take a look, they aren't all that far apart.

Comment A very thoughtful comment! (Score 1) 312

Thank you for a very thoughtful comment. Democracy is not the only form of government in the world, and certainly has its share of problems. China's current government also has its problems, but one cannot deny that China has made huge progress the past few decades. The best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship - the trick is keeping a dictatorship benevolent. China has surprisingly well in that regard. I hope /. readers will think about what you said, rather than mindlessly jumping on the "democracy is best" bandwagon.

Comment You have no understanding of US Government (Score 1) 312

Do you? I mean, really, were you that stoned during your high school government class?

putting legislation online at least five days before it's voted on. That's Congress' (Pelosi and Reid) responsibility, not the President's.

allowing congressmen enough time to read legislation rather than ramming it down their throats at 2am. That's Congress' (Pelosi and Reid) responsibility, not the President's.

And ending backroom politics. That's Congress' (Pelosi and Reid) responsibility, not the President's.

get rid of the lobbyists That's Congress' (Pelosi and Reid) responsibility, not the President's.

midnight bills, etc That's Congress' (Pelosi and Reid) responsibility, not the President's.

Comment Re:Rocket Lab to launch... (Score 1) 96

I've seen some pretty amazing engineering coming out of our NZ neighbors. They remind me of the Swiss more than anyone else.

Quite. A lot of small countries gave birth to wondrous inventions.

1970s Spreadable Butter - New Zealand Dairy Research Institute
After years of development, the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute released the worlds first spreadable butter in 1991, which was then made by New Zealand dairy co-operatives and now by Fonterra.

Although a number of the examples given by the resident Kiwi are a bit strange, to say the least...
("The world's first referee to use a whistle to stop a game of sport." um, ok.)

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