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Comment Re:Immigration policy is not hate speech (Score 1) 1055

We liberals were all just sitting around waiting to celebrate another group of murdered children with a news story about gun control. Then, HARK, what's this? Shit! Stop the presses! They were murdered with KNIVES? Fuck Satan what were you thinking? That doesn't fit our narrative AT ALL!

Comment Re:twitter is proprietary company (Score 1) 1055

The only kind of wedding a gay person CAN HAVE is a GAY wedding. There's nothing special about "weddings" that allow a person to discriminate. Any other celebration can be substituted with "gay" prefixed and suddenly it's impossible for a gay couple to buy anything anywhere. Just because of who they ARE.

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 1) 1055

"SJW's" is a very divisive and ill defined term. But I think most social justice is an attempt at exactly that. It always strikes me as incredible how much some people fear change. They look at it like it's "discrimination" to treat people with basic respect. I'm not sure if that's what you're doing in this comment, I'm not sure exactly who you're talking about. I would be opposed to more discrimination myself.

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 2) 1055

Nobody who actually listens to #BlackLivesMatter people will find them saying that black people are the superior race. That's hilariously nutty. Boogoo nutterballs. These videos reflect more on you than they do #BlackLivesMatter.

Comment Is this a Java problem? (Score 4, Informative) 411

It seems like the Java ecosystem is fine tuned for producing a high signal to noise ratio as far as intent of code is concerned. So much of the ecosystem stresses templates, massive IDEs and other automated tools that make the production of thousands of lines of unnecessary boilerplate incredibly easy. Besides, isn't this the nature of Java anyway? It seems like it's designed to produce the most verbose code possible in the hope that if everything is explicit more bugs can be diagnosed since the compiler has more to work with. It's almost a troll article, seriously, it's like the guy is just tryiing to piss people off.

Comment Fascinating line of discussion (Score 1) 1127

There is an extreme element out there that I've talked to that doesn't seem to want to deal with this basic rule of nature. Skimpy outfits have been devised over a long period of time to have maximal sexual effect on men. They accentuate breasts, hips and buttocks. Very hind-brain stuff. The basic rule of the jungle applies everywhere and always will, we live in a convenient delusion that it doesn't because the biggest and baddest group is those that support the law. Nevertheless, if you walk down the wrong alley dressed in a sexually arousing way you are more likely to get raped than if you walk down that same alley dressed like a sack of potatoes. Any expectation otherwise is insanity.

Would you walk around downtown Compton with $100 bills flopping out of your pockets at the middle of the night? What about with a KKK outfit on? Maybe that would be asking for trouble? I would assume that the results of the actions of the person doing these things was their own fault.

That said, it's only tangentially related to the thread topic and not particularly relevant since a rapist is still a rapist. The fault ultimately is on the criminal; a jewel thief that snatches a jewel from an unprotected display case is just as liable for the crime as one that steals from a vault.

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