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Submission + - Private investigators using license plate scanners to make their own databases

scorp1us writes: I've noticed these cars driving around in Maryland. I've seen the same green Elantra in White Marsh many times. Today I saw one in Cockeysville. I trapped the guy in a private parking lot and asked him a few questions. He would not say who he was or who he was working for other than for a private investigator firm, and that they had 9(!) cars.
He was just driving around all the parking lots he could and the public ones. To me, that is trespassing, but they get to build their database anyway, unrestricted by any law on where or retention time. And who knows for what purpose?

Submission + - Microsoft abusing DMCA to take down competing office solutions? (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: Microsoft, in a bid to take down pirate version of its Office products, has been sending out DMCA notices to Google containing links to competing legitimate office solutions like Apache’s OpenOffice. If we look at the URLs included in the takedown notice, most of them do point to infringing content – links to pirated Office 2010. But, after digging deeper into the list we found that there were instances wherein there were references to links which were hosting OpenOffice. The instances mentioned herein is not an isolated instance and there have been cases (here, here, here and here) where Microsoft has requested takedown of links (torrent links to be specific) that were hosting OpenOffice.

Submission + - When is it ok to not give notice? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Here in the U.S., "being professional" means giving at least two week's notice when leaving a job. Is this an outmoded notion? We've all heard stories about (or perhaps experienced) a quick escort to the parking lot upon giving the normal notice, and I've never heard of a company giving a two week notice to an employee that's being laid off or fired.
A generation ago, providing a lengthy notice was required to get a glowing reference, but these days does a reference hold water any more?
Once you're reached the point where you know it's time to leave, under what circumstances would you just up and walk out or give only a short notice?

Submission + - Another Microsoft cloud outage (techcrunch.com)

rtfa-troll writes: Microsoft's Outlook and SkyDrive services failed with other services also apparently implicated. Restoration has taken many hours and is still apparently not complete. Microsoft's cloud solutions are it's long term survival strategy following Apple's iCloud and attacking more experienced providers such as Amazon, Google, RackSpace and VmWare, whilst fighting a reargard action against more open cloud software such as Eucalyptus, OpenStack and RedHat's OpenShift. With Microsoft's previous failed attempt to move Windows away from the traditional desktop already triggering lawsuits this could hardly come at a worse time for Microsoft's management. TechCrunch also warns of the dangers of of Microsoft's new cloudified operating systems telling that they have been "boosting [SkyDrive's] integration points in Windows 8.1" something which will mean every customer's data is at risk of unauthorized access.

This is not even the first discussion of major Microsoft cloud outages this year whilst we have also discussed Microsoft's failure to keep adequate customer backups.


Submission + - BlackBerry 10 receives FIPS Security Certification before official release

An anonymous reader writes: "After having recently announced their milestone point of entering carrier lab testing, RIM has now announced that BlackBerry 10 has received FIPS security certification ahead of its consumer launch." writes crackberry, which then explains the importance for BB10. ubergizmo tells us this "is the minimum criteria required for products used by US government agencies" although we already discussed that the NTSB are willing to relax security requirements, though more important US agencies such as the Pentagon may not. RIM, which is the third largest mobile operating system with 4.3% of sales, has only just managed to defend its position against an onslaught from Samsung's Bada (also around 4% and double it's nearest rival Symbian) and is likely breathing a sigh of relief at the good news and the chance to prove that there is a space for a third player in the mobile OS market otherwise totally dominated by Apple and Google.

Submission + - Jolla to unveil Sailfish OS on November 21st (jollatides.com)

ryzvonusef writes: Jolla, as it has been discussed previously, is the phoenix that claims to be rising from the ashes of Nokia's MeeGo plans.

Their iteration of the MeeGo OS, known as "Sailfish OS" will be revealed, alongside an SDK, on a two-day SLUSH event in Helsinki.

This is to hoping that the umpteenth raising of this rocky platform will prove fruitful. Will you be interested in buying and developing for it?

Submission + - Smartphones Q3 Final Numbers & Mobile OSs in future (blogs.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Tommi Ahonen's latest numbers for the top ten smartphone vendors and top OSs are up. Android's dominates with seven of the top nine vendors profitably delivering Android which confirms our recent story whilst even escluding the iPhone5 Apple does fine as the only profitable non-Android vendor.

The coming battle for third position, involving Blackberry (4.3%) , Bada (3%) and Tizen (arriving in January) is the most fascinating. RIM has managed to almost stabilize, with enterprise customers "willing to keep buying some Blackberries" even now and so BB10 has a real chance of winning this, making Blackberry development suddenly interesting again. At the same time Tommi reports that Samsung's Tizen is very ready to substitute for Bada, and has multiple big backers which might also drive it to overtake BlackBerry.

Finally in the smaller/more obscure category, Meego has gone into "hibernation" with practically no sales to be expected until Sailfish arrives, and Symbian (2.0%), whilst "really on its last legs", has for now overtaken Windows again which peaked at 3% then collapsed back to 1.9% after the abandonment of WP7 devices. Mobile operators, who previously feared that Skype would take over their billing relationships, will almost certainly give a big sigh of relief.

We discussed Gartner's Android numbers recently and Samsung's Android phone success a bit before that.


Submission + - Dual-booting tablet now running latest plasma active (indiegogo.com)

garbagechuteflyboy writes: "PengPod has created an opensuse image for their PengPods and have now incorporated the latest plasma active touch UI. This makes the dual booting tablet running Linux and Android the first mass produced Linux tablet capable of features that were previously only found using an iPad or Android tablet."

Comment Re:Could the summary possibly be more slanted? (Score 4, Insightful) 530

The writer is selecting the parts that support the thesis, but says nothing inaccurate. The policy does in fact threaten sanctions for a "condescending sex-based attitude".

a) the writer says it is considered harassment to hold a "condescending sex-based attitude." where actually harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual conduct which is related to any condition of employment or evaluation of student performance. So the writer is actually saying something "inaccurate"

b) I can't see any sanctions clearly linked to not being "sensitive" which is the only context where this occurs. Now, I am not a lawyer, so I'm quite willing to bow to your 'expert' opinion, however please do explain how you parse the policy so that you see sanctions linked to a "condescending sex-based attitude". I have no doubt that my fascination will be fully aroused by your explanation.


Submission + - Need E-Reader Recemmendations 1

Sooner Boomer writes: "Black Friday is coming on strong. The one thing I'm looking for this year is an e-reader. Actually, it doesn't need to be a dedicated e-reader like a Kindle or Nook, it could be a tablet. The requirements are: it has to read as many formats as possible (.pdf, .lit, .mobi, .txt, .etc). It should play .mp3s (audio books). It should be as inexpensive as possible, yet actually available. I don't mind jail breaking or rooting a device if that will increase the available formats. It would be nice if it had a memory card slot, or would br able to access my home nerwork (smb server). I've got terrible eyes, so it would be nice if it was backlit, but not a requirement. Suggestions?"

Submission + - Bad review of Windows 8 app store mysteriously disappears (theregister.co.uk)

rtfa-troll writes: One of the first reviews of Microsoft Windows 8 to include coverage of Microsoft's app store has been deleted almost before it was made available. Most reviews of the Surface tablet have focused on the base 32Gb flash memory and own brand keyboard whilst avoiding key tablet features such as screen resolution, weight, battery life and amount of space taken by the OS install. None so far have covered the details of the App store which is the only source of the "Modern Interface" (Metro) apps for the soon to arrive Surface tablets which are incapable of running traditional "Windows" desktop applications. In what seems a clear sign that the main IT media is not willing to allow criticism of Microsoft, one of the few reviews to cover Microsoft's Windows App store has been almost instantly disappeared from Gartner's blog site. The register has a screen dumped version of the review which, coming from Gartner, the Microsoft partner who predicted 20% market share for Mango (Windows Phone 7), is actually surprisingly "on message" to be deleted. With Microsoft putting well over a billion dollars into advertising, is there any chance that there will be fair reporting the failings of surface and Windows 8?

Submission + - Advanced Persistent Threat Mitigation

An anonymous reader writes: We recently noticed a disturbing trend in our office. At least five credit cards owned by employees have been fraudulently used in the past 4 days. This represents approximately 25% of our total users. Ignoring this could be deadly to our small business and so could handling it in any way less than what is necessary to eradicate the threat completely. My solution involves rebuilding every client computer and server as well, all while remaining disconnected from the Internet and keeping those computers sequestered from each other as well. Does anyone have any less drastic solutions? Furthermore, does anyone have any tips on detecting the source of the threat or even detecting what the threat was in the first place? This threat has evaded SAV for quite a while, it seems.

Submission + - The city of Edmonton invite hackers to crack their voting system (edmonton.ca) 6

AchilleTalon writes: "2012 Jellybean Internet Voting Election

Offering Edmonton electors an Internet voting option will depend on the results of the 2012 Jellybean Internet Voting Election (Jellybean Election), a mock election being conducted by the City this fall. The purpose of the Jellybean Election is two-fold:

1 To gauge the readiness of Edmontonians to use internet voting as a valid alternative in the 2013 General Election
2 To test the technology and ensure the internet voting system meets the City’s expectations for voter privacy, security, auditability and usability."

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