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Submission + - Microsoft blames PC makers for Windows failure. ( 1

rtfa-troll writes: The Register tells us that Microsoft has begun squabbling with PC manufacturers over the reasons behind the failure of Windows 8. Microsoft is "frustrated with major OEMs who didn't build nearly enough touch systems". PC manufacturers have hit back saying that they "would have been saddled with the costs of a huge piles of unsold units" claiming that customers actually avoided higher end touch products which were available and instead bought lower end cheaper laptops whilst "Microsoft is not blaming itself for" the failure of it's own touch device, surface RT. The PC manufacturer's claims that touch is the problem seem to be backed by reviews, and some educational rants from users and opinion from user interface design experts, however Microsoft sees this differently . Microsoft is planning to strike back at the PC vendors in February with Surface pro; with a shorter battery life and much heavier than a normal tablet, this is being seen as a direct competitor to traditional laptops. By using it's desktop operating system franchise as a lever Microsoft will be able to enter the lower specification end of the Laptop market with a cost advantage which make make life difficult for former partners such as HP and Dell.

We've discussed previously how some PC manufactures such as Dell have failed in generational change whilst others have diversified to survive market chainges; Samsung with Android and the (still) bestselling Chromebook. ASUS with their successful Nexus tablets. We also discussed the ergonomic problems which are claimed to make touch screens unsuitable for PC use.


Submission + - Nexus 7 and Android convertibles drive massive ASUS profit (

rtfa-troll writes: The collapse of the PC market has had much discussion on Slashdot with a common opinion that, now that Apple is the largest personal computer manufacturer, a loss of sales combined with Apple's iPad will completely eliminate most of them. Now Asustek's most recent results show that there may be a way out for those that can move away from their standard markets. Concentrating on Android tablet devices, the Google Nexus 7, with a help from ASUS transformer tablets has driven the company to massive $230 million profits. Asus gross revenue also climbed 9 percent to around $3.8 billion.

We have discussed related issues recently: Where companies like HTC have lost their focus on open Android devices and suffered from devastating collapses, ASUS has managed to differentiate it's tablets by providing the most open tablet experience possible via with Google's Nexus program and branding.


Submission + - How PR consultants damaged Google but will never pay ( 1

rtfa-troll writes: In a new article on Groklaw, Pamela Jones, the sites founder returns to show how misrepresentation by media figures such as Florian Mueller (a publicity consultant who, as earlier reported here on Slashdot, has been employed by Microsoft and Oracle and sometimes represented in news media as "independent") and Maureen O'Gara seem to have deliberately at set out to cause serious reputation damage to Google.

When this story originally broke it was carried by Slashdot and the original poster was even taken in by the claim that "would 'far exceed any money Google has ever earned with Android'". Now Oracle may have to pay Google $4 million in expenses. Despite this, no apology has been forthcoming. Will the "consultants" compensate those they have damaged? Not likely.

What is not covered in the article is the level of damage done to application companies who split their development work and phone companies like Nokia who believed that Android was at risk and would leave room for a third mobile operating system. Such companies have committed millions or sometimes billions of dollars to projects which now look hopeless or at best pointless. Given Florian's employment at Oracle, maybe that company should be providing some compensation for mistakes made based on his media releases?


Submission + - Samsung biggest (smart)phone manufacturer. (

rtfa-troll writes: Tomi Ahonen reports that Samsung has become the largest manufacturer of smartphones (overtaking Apple) and of mobile phones (overtaking Nokia). During the first quarter of 2012 Samsung sold 93.5 million phones with 44.5 million (48%) of those smartphones. Apple would still lead on "smart mobile devices" with 52 million sales including iPads but not iPods. The last time the lead in mobile phone changed was in 14 years ago, in 1998, when Nokia overtook Ericsson. Ericsson never recovered and began leaving the mobile phone market three years later creating Sony Ericsson, later Sony Mobile. It looks like the mobile phone market is going to be brutal with Apple and Samsung crushing everybody else except possibly HTC which is still rising and Motorola (which has Google to look after it).

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