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Submission + - Hackers claim Symantec would pay $50,000 extortion (

mask.of.sanity writes: Explosive allegations have surfaced on a public pastebin entry detailing how Symantec offered to pay a hacker US$50,000 to not release stolen product source code.

Symantec isn't talking, but the hacker linked to the emails says the header information included in the email exchange is genuine.

The alleged extortion correspondence involves threats by the hacker to release code for Symantec's PC Anywhere and SystemWorks products.


Submission + - Apple to clamp down on gaming the app store, may even ban developers (

An anonymous reader writes: The wording may be subtle, but the intention is clear enough as Apple looks set to flex it's muscles against 'manipulation' of the App Store ranking once again.

Following allegations that third party companies were guaranteeing developer chart movement for as little as $5,000 via 'black' techniques such as bot farms downloading their freemium games, Apple have reacted swiftly to reconfirm their rules for developers, specifically that they should "avoid using services that advertise or guarantee top placement in App Store charts," and that use of these services "may result in the loss of your Apple Developer Program" i.e. removal from the store.

With several leading developers implicated in use of these services, the next few days should make interesting viewing on the app store.


Submission + - Doctors Print Replacement Jaw from 3D printer (

An anonymous reader writes: An 83 year old woman was diagnosed with progressive osteomyelitis, a condition that causes inflammation in bones. In this case, the condition affected her jaw, and the doctors decided the only safe course was to remove it. Normally, this would have left the woman horribly disfigured. The only way to repair such damage is through complex, highly precise and slightly dangerous bone and soft tissue transplants, to rebuild the jaw from existing structures.

But times have changed. Collaborating with a 3D printing company called Xilloc, the team modeled and printed a complete replacement jaw made of titanium.


Submission + - Canonical pulls Kubuntu personnel funding (

LinuxScribe writes: An announcement on the Kubuntu-devel mailing list tells the sad story: Canonical is pulling funding for in-house developers to work on the KDE-based Kubuntu flavor. Canonical now seems committed to its single vision of a GNOME-based Unity as a desktop and other Ubuntu flavors will now have to rely on community support and some infrastructure from Canonical.

Submission + - Kubuntu loses Canonical funding (

airfoobar writes: Today Canonical has announced that official support for the Kubuntu flavor of Ubuntu will be discontinued after 12.04. This is not the end, of course, as it simply means it will become a community project like Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

Submission + - 3-D Printer-Created Jaw Implanted in 83-Year-Old Woman

An anonymous reader writes: A group of medical researchers from Belgium and the Netherlands successfully replaced the jaw of an 83-year-old woman with a 3-D printer-created lower jaw in what doctors say was the first operation of its kind.

The transplant operation conducted in the Netherlands in June was meant to treat the woman’s osteomyelitis, a severe bone infection that affected her entire lower jawbone, but details of the groundbreaking procedure have just emerged.

Submission + - Google Privacy Changes (

An anonymous reader writes: This week, the European Union and France’s National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL) asked Google to pause the rollout of its new privacy policy changes.

The reason? To provide time for the EU’s Article 29 Working Party, which regulates data protection issues, to investigate possible user privacy and data protection concerns.


Submission + - Defendant Ordered to Decrypt Laptop Claims She Had Forgotten Password 5

wiedzmin writes: A Colorado woman that was ordered by a federal judge to decrypt her laptop hard-drive for police last month, appears to have forgotten her password. If she does not remember the password by month’s end, as ordered, she could be held in contempt and jailed until she complies. It appears that bad memory is now a federal offense.

Submission + - Sandboxed Flash Player Coming to Firefox (

Trailrunner7 writes: Adobe, which has spent the last few years trying to dig out of a deep hole of vulnerabilities and buggy code, is making a major change to Flash, adding a sandbox to the version of the player that runs in Firefox. The sandbox is designed to prevent many common exploit techniques against Flash.

The move by Adobe comes roughly a year after the company added a sandbox to Flash for Google Chrome. Flash, which is perhaps the most widely deployed piece of software on the Internet, has been a common attack vector for several years now, and the attacks in some cases have been used to get around exploit mitigations added by the browser vendors. The sandbox is designed to prevent many of these attacks by not allowing exploits against Flash to break out into the browser itself.

Submission + - Libre Software Meeting 2012 - Call for Papers is open. (

An anonymous reader writes: LSM Call for Papers is open The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) is a cycle of conferences, workshops and round tables about Free Software and its many uses.

This event takes place every year in a different city, bringing together thousands of people. The 13th edition of the Libre Software Meeting will take place for the first time in Switzerland, in Geneva from the 7th to the 12th of July 2012.

Participation is free of charge and open to all.


Submission + - A5 Mystery Solved (Why Siri Won't Run on iPhone 4)

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Anna Leach reports that Siri support has been a contentious issue for owners of earlier iPhones but a recent filing from Audience shows that Siri won't run on iPhone 4 because the phone's chip can't handle it dealing a blow to iPhone 4-ers hoping for an upgrade to the voice-activated virtual assistant. Linley Gwennap of the Linley Group cracked one of the secrets of the new iPhone's A5 chip after working out that it packs some serious audio cleaning power not available on the iPhone 4's A4 chip. Audience has developed impressive technology that removes most or all of the background noise when someone places a cell-phone call from a restaurant, airport, or other noisy location. The iPhone 4S integrates Audience's "EarSmart" technology directly into the A5 processor improving its technology to handle 'far-field speech,' which means holding the device at arm's length rather than directly in front of the mouth. Apple has also licensed the Audience technology for a “new generation of processor IP,” which may mean that the forthcoming A6 processor will appear in the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. "Why Apple has not simply purchased Audience is unclear. An acquisition would prevent Audience’s other major customer, Samsung, from using the technology to compete with Apple.," says Gwennap. "The company may be hedging its bets, as it could switch to Qualcomm’s Fluence noise-reduction technology in the future.""

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