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Comment There were a ton of financial disclosures (Score 1) 506

involving tax dodging by European economic elites (they're 1%ers). Europe actually enforces these sort of things and so those elites had to pay back a lot of money. Basically, Assange's first couple of leaks cost a lot of very wealthy people a lot of money.

On a side note, the lesson here isn't that government can act with impunity. It's that the rich can. Government is a tool. We've been so afraid of it that we've chosen to leave that tool in the hands of the rich least we hurt ourselves with it. This is the result.

Comment I lost faith in Assange (Score 1) 506

when he published a bunch of leaks w/o taking any of the irrelevant personal data out of it. Most for leaks that hurt the Democrats. At that point he was obviously just lashing out. That said, he was pretty obviously framed for screwing with the ruling class. Which is legitimately terrifying. The Chelsea Manning clemency tells me Obama is not entirely unsympathetic to his cause. The fact that Obama couldn't accomplish anything meaningful for that cause tells me we've got a long way to go.

That's the trouble. This is a complex, adult situation. There's no simple answer because there's too much in play.

Comment Young folks, Blacks and Latinos staying home (Score 2) 161

elected Trump. The 538 blog has a meticulously sourced article on it. Hilary didn't bother campaigning in the rust belt because she took them for granted (she always was an arrogant bitch) so they stayed home. It took a lot of other stuff (DNC hack, that assclown FBI director's Oct Surprise, Russian propaganda campaigns) but those were surmountable had Hilary fought in the swing states like she should have.

You're gonna get Globalism whether you like it or not. It benefits your ruling class, and you're in no position to do anything about your ruling class. You've got too many non-economic issues (guns, Abortion, Gay Rights, Religious freedom, Black Lives Matter, you name it). You get picked apart by them, which is why they're called Wedge Issues. They drive a wedge between the working class.You'll never stand up to the ruling class because every time you do they'll throw you a few bones on social issues and you'll fight amongst yourselves while they laugh all the way to the bank.

So, given that Globalism is basically inevitable what do you think is a better approach: throw up your hands and pretend it's not happening or take that bull by the horns and try to tame it. You just did the former. I wish I could stop and say: Let me know how that turns out for you, but, well, you dragged me into it to. Thanks. Thanks a million.

Comment He might not be (Score 1) 115

buddy of mine moved to another city once to get a job. Better job, but not amazing job (he lived in a po-dunk town, no college degree). Took months before he'd saved enough to move the wife/kids up with him. He was commuting 150 miles every weekend (300 total) so 400 isn't a stretch. You'd be amazed what you can do when you have no choice.

Comment I know I'm pigeon holing here (Score 5, Insightful) 161

but I can't imagine the folks who voted Brexit care. Apps, especially paid ones, are mostly a young person thing. As an old codger I've yet to pay for anything on my phone. Now, as a _reasonable_ old codger here in the colonies my heart goes out to those young people who just got driven off a cliff by Grandpa and Grandma. Sure, it's their fault for staying home on election day (just like Trump's our young folks fault for the exact same reason) but just like Trump nobody deserves what's to come.

Comment They've been talking about the $100k salary thing (Score 2, Insightful) 81

since the tail end of Obama's first term. Talking. No action. Same thing with Boeing. Lots of talk. No action. As soon as everybody's eyes are off it'll be BAU.

Obama at least cock blocked the AT&T/Comcast. Yeah, Trump's said he's against it. But at this point that's a little like saying you're against Hitler and Stalin. It's not a controversial stance.

I don't need to give Trump a chance. One look at the cavalcade of billionaires he's nominated for his cabinet (that guy who used to run Carls Jr is particularly bad) and I know where this is going. While I'm on the subject I've got friends who live and breath because of Obamacare. So far their 'alternative' is selling insurance across state lines; an idea that has been vetoed in the past because it just means the companies incorporate in whichever state has the weakest consumer protections. Meanwhile I get to go back to worrying about how the fuck I'm gonna afford Cobra if I change jobs.

Comment Goddammitsomuch.jpg (Score 4, Informative) 81

Of all the things that are going to come out of the next 4 years the nonstop anti-consumer mergers (and the inevitable round after round of layoffs) is going to suck the hardest. This is pretty much why progressives fought to keep the $2 trillion in cash sitting offshore outside of American. Companies have pretty much admitted that almost none of that is going into R&D and instead they plan to spend it on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

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