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Open Source

Submission + - SPAM: Women Fed Up With Open Source Community Creeps

rs232 writes: "A feminist programmer describes the culture of the open source community as fraught with sexism and discrimination against women programmers .. Valerie Aurora (seen here) presents excerpts from interviews she conducted with nine other women in the open source community"

Are there any reliable statistics regarding the number of women in Open Source that have experienced sexual harrasment. Nine hardly seems representitive ..

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Submission + - SPAM: Dear Valerie

viralmeme writes: I emailed her privately before doing a Google on her. Nothing in my private email could be construed as abuse. besides if she had a sense of humor, she would have noticed that male geeks were the target.

"I find that people who send me obnoxious 'private' email are invariably pissed off when I turn around and make it public again" link

"And yet, here it is, the year 2010, and my female friends and I are still being insulted, harassed, and groped at at open source conferences" link

"Give over Valerie, some day you are going to be not so good looking and people won't want to grop you anymore. Besides for a lot of male geels this is as close as they are ever going to get to a real date" link

A little background on Valerie Aurora .. Keith Henson is a child molester

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Submission + - SPAM: yet more anti Wikileaks propaganda

spook writes: `One of the early members and co-founders of the tight-knit, secretive WikiLeaks operation charged today that the website and its co-founder, Julian Assange, sold intelligence information the site had obtained .. "I think it is a money-making operation, no doubt," Young said of WikiLeaks'

"Young said he left the site in 2007 due to concerns over its finances and that WikiLeaks was engaged in the selling of documents"

`Email: cryptome[at]
Mail: John Young, Cryptome, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024
Checks/Money Orders: Make out to "John Young"
Telephone for messages: 212-873-8700' link

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Submission + - SPAM: UK SOCA ask for new WikiLeaks arrest warrent

spooksRus writes: "The Swedish authorities today issued a new arrest warrant for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, following a request by the UK's Serious and Organised Crime Agency" link

"We had an understanding with Scotland Yard of long standing that in the event they wanted to contact Julian Assange they would come to us and we would facilitate a congenial and convenient meeting .. I hope the police remember their undertaking. I've had no indication that anyone wants to talk to Julian at this moment in time; no member of his legal team has had a call from any law enforcement agency" link

"SOCA operates from at least 40 offices across the UK. SOCA officers are empowered to perform a number of surveillance roles traditionally associated with British intelligence services such as MI5, although, unlike MI5 officers, some designated SOCA officers enjoy powers of arrest. SOCA is exempt from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act" link

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Submission + - SPAM: TSA confiscates armed soldier's nail clippers

achmeDtheDeadTerrorist writes: `"It's probably important to mention that we were ALL carrying weapons," Despite having already been vetted, when the soldiers tried to re-board the plane they were subject to TSA checks. And one soldier was stopped and told he couldn't take his nail clippers on board'
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Submission + - Pre-computer Laws Blamed for UFO Hacker's Plight (

Stoobalou writes: The extradition laws under which hacker Gary McKinnon has been ordered before a US court were made before politicians had thought how they would apply to computer crime, said David Blunkett, the home secretary who put the US/UK Extradition Treaty through Parliament.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Defense Department is using PlayStation consoles t (

captainkoloth writes: What do you get when you string 1,760 Sony PlayStation 3 video gaming consoles together? You get the Condor Cluster — the biggest, fastest interactive computer the Defense Department has, according to the Air Force
Because there hasn't been a story about a PS3 supercomputer in a few months. This one is being used for surveillance analysis and face recognition.

Submission + - Linus on branching practices (

rocket22 writes: Not long ago Linus Torvalds made some comments about issues the kernel maintainers were facing while applying the "feature branch" pattern. They are using Git (which is very strong with branching and merging) but still need to take care of the branching basics to avoid ending up with unstable branches due to unstable starting points. While most likely your team doesn't face the same issues the kernel development does, and even if you're using a different DVCS like Mercurial, is worth to take a look at the description of the problem and the clear solution to be followed in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. The same basics can be applied to every version control system with good merge tracking, so let's avoid religious wars and focus on the technical details.
Open Source

Submission + - Red Hat Acquires Makara To Expand Cloud Offerings (

wiredmikey writes: Red Hat today announced that it has acquired Makara, a Redwood City, California based developer of deployment and management solutions for applications in the cloud.

Makara provides solutions to help organizations deploy, manage, monitor and scale their applications on both private or public clouds. By integrating the JBoss Enterprise Middleware infrastructure with Makara's Cloud Application Platform, Red Hat will be able to offer a PaaS solution that allows organizations to quickly transition their applications to both public and private clouds with minimal modifications.

Submission + - Forbes Interview With Julian Assange (

bl8n8r writes: Forbes interviews the man behind Wikileaks: Julian Assange. In the interview, Assange states he has upcoming leaks concerning a certain U.S. Bank along with Industrial Espionage, BP and Tech. Industry scandals. When asked about what Assange gets out of it, his reply was: "It’s tremendously satisfying work to see reforms being engaged in and stimulating those reforms. To see opportunists and abusers brought to account." Sounds good to me.

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