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Submission + - SPAM: Dr APJ Kalam passes away 1

140Mandak262Jamuna writes: Dr Abdul Kalam, former President of India, passed away due to sudden heart failure while delivering a speech in a college on 27th July 2015.

He was one of the geeks who made it to the top. Was instrumental in establishing India's space research agency in the early 60s. He was a FORTRAN guy. He interviewed me in the campus interview and asked me the difference between the COMMON statement and the EQUIVALENCE statement. I am sure I answered it wrong, but he hired me anyway.

He headed five missile programs for India and then became the Chief Coordinator of the nuclear weapons program. He served as the scientific adviser to the Defense Minister and then to the Prime Minister. Normal trajectory for a career scientist bureaucrat up to this point.

Then he was tapped to be the Presidential candidate for the Hindu Nationalistic Party BJP. Kalam was an apolitical vegetarian Muslim and could not be countered by the usual political strategies by the other parties. He won the election handsomely and went on to win the hearts of the people of India. Unlike any previous President, he inspired the people with visionary speeches.

He lived a very simple life. India was stunned to see him walk out of the Presidential mansion with just a couple of suitcases at the end of his term. (Very rarely Indian politicians leave offices with so few possessions. There were quite a few scandals of politicians stripping their official residences of air conditioners and such when they leave office.)

After leaving office he collected a large number of honorary degrees and awards, wrote books, worked on low cost tablets and heart stents. Sadly he died of a heart attack.

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Submission + - Comcast Killed The Ed Show For Talking About TPP (

An anonymous reader writes: It has to be noted that Comcast, the company that owns MSNBC, is a big supporter of the TPP. Comcast hired a phalanx of lobbyists to spearhead a targeted campaign to push for Trade Promotion Authority, which recently passed. Included among the individuals it was paying was the former chief of staff for former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).

Submission + - Swiftkey coming to IOS from September 18

lyricsden writes: Swiftkey has announced that their keyboard will be releasing on to the apple on September 18. Swift key has very intriguing features.
When it launches on the 17th, Swiftkey will support English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. When it launches on the 17th, SwiftKey will support English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Submission + - So You Want The Truth About Ukraine? (

theangloamerican writes: This was a government manipulating its citizens with tools straight out of the pages of the Third Reich. “If you are not for us, you are against us” pretty much closes down rational argument.

Now we find US intelligence officers were closed down like the rest of us as the US Government politicised intelligence. But perhaps equally alarming is that this politicisation of intelligence continues today in government under a completely different administration.

Submission + - SPAM: PayPal Here - Smartphone POS Review

blakek writes: PayPal created a revolution when it was founded back in 1998 with the intent to provide a way for anyone to send money to anyone on the face of this planet electronically with the power of the Internet. It was a very powerful idea since most of the world was still using money orders, cheques and paper cash to transfer funds. PayPal’s success mainly lies in the constant evolution and tinkering of its business model. With more than 148 million active users world-wide, PayPal is the true champion among its competitors. PayPal can also take credit for coming up a lot of new ideas and innovation in the field. However, PayPal didn't take the plunge into the mobile POS industry soon enough. It was inevitable, but it took a while for them to launch their own POS system for merchants. Even some of the new players in the industry mainly depended on PayPal to receive payments in their application. With the release of the new Mobile POS system, PayPal Here, business owners can leverage the power, trust and popularity of PayPal to make the whole billing and transaction process simple and acquire more customers.

How it work?

It just works like any other point of sale system out there. All you need to do is download their application and register with them for a card reader and PayPal Here Chip. The card reader connects to your mobile device by means of Bluetooth. Any type of small business can make use of this service which is easy to implement and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Payments on the go

As we mentioned earlier it is suited for any kind of business or venue, be it a parlour, restaurant, convenience store, bar, etc. However since all you need are a mobile phone and a handy card reader provided to you by PayPal, this seems like a great service for mobile businesses. Do you run a food delivery service or would like to provide your customers the opportunity to make payment during delivery with their card or mobile phone – this could be a wonderful option for you.

Platforms supported

The PayPal Here application is currently available for Android and iOS. You need to have iPhone 3GS or later or iPad running iOS 5 or later. Sadly though, there isn’t a version of PayPal Here specifically optimized for Android tablets for now. Your Android device needs to be running Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher; should have a 3.5mm headphone jack with mic, and location services should be supported.


The upfront cost varies depending up on the country you live in. For instance, businesses in Australia could pay $139 for the hardware and pay 1.95% for every single transaction and there is no monthly fee. However in the U.K., one has to pay 70 pounds for the card reader and the chip – you will be charged 2.75% fee using the PIN and Chip method and more than 3% for magnetic stripe swipe or manual entry of details, which we think is a bit high especially for high volume businesses. Al least there is no monthly recurring service fee. So depending on your company, take a look at the charges and choose the mobile point of sale system that works for you and you customers.

Account limitation

Even though PayPal is extremely popular and a preferred method to send and receive payments. It has also got a bad rap for limiting / freezing accounts until the issue is resolved. And resolving an issue could take time. When PayPal Here was launched in the UK, many users complained about frozen accounts. So if you are willing to use PayPal Here, don’t throw away your old card reader and cash register yet. You still need a backup, just in case.

  • PayPal is quite familiar.
  • Can integrate a myriad of transaction methods along with PayPal Chip and Pin like, swipe, cash, PayPal (duh!), manual entry, eBay and even cheque.
  • Simple to use.
  • Low overhead.


  • Transaction fee is a bit high compared to conventional card readers.
  • It could be a pain interacting with customer service if your account ever gets frozen/limited.
The Internet

Submission + - Web life witout annoying banners (

An anonymous reader writes: Annoying banners plague almost every web page and can be a real hindrance when you work online or just browse the internet at your leisure. Humanity has been fighting this nuisance for years, creating various ad removal software.

Adlesse is another representative of this proud race. In a nutshell, it's a reliable browser add-on that removes ads and has a few other interesting tricks down its sleeve. Getting started with it seems fairly easy. Installation only takes one simple step followed by a single customization window. Customization interface is quite straightforward and intuitive. You only need to check a few boxes, prioritize widgets and... that's about it. After you reload your browser Adlesse automatically detects and replaces all ads on a page with widgets of the same size. These include local news boxes, weather forecast, fun facts, famous quotes, twitter or FB feeds, etc. You decide which widgets you want to see by tweaking the priority settings. This might be the most interesting feature of this add-on, when comparing it to its peers.

As if internet without ads was not a great achievement in its own right, Adlesse widgets can really boost your browsing experience in many ways. If you use this feature creatively you can come up with some really powerful widget combos. E.g., you can combine searching powers of Google, Bing and Wikipedia all within a single tab or tweet, check your Facebook feed and share links via the corresponding widgets seamlessly while browsing the internet. To mention other handy features – if you suddenly feel like checking out a hidden banner, Adlesse can easily make it happen. It hides ads, but doesn't prevent them from loading, so you can reveal a banner under any widget anytime with a single click. This way you won't lose access to important elements of the site (like flash games) by mistake.

It's also worth mentioning that Adlesse is completely free and supports most popular browsers, like Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Submission + - Bed Bugs Capturing Device Patent! (

WendyPoitras writes: This is interesting... lots more patents than I thought for bed bug killing devices.

This is an interesting one, I wonder what kind of a bed defense this would have against the actual things climbing into your bed and sucking your blood!

Submission + - RAID-5 Setup Tips from a Data Recovery Lab (

Gillware writes: "By Brian Gill, CEO Gillware Inc.

After nearly a decade of running a data recovery lab, I’ve developed these guidelines to help prevent the most common RAID data loss cases we see.

Use a Variety of Manufacturers

Use drives from various manufacturers or at least from significantly different manufacturing months. Drives in a RAID live almost identical lives. RAID-5 gives you the ability to have one drive worth of redundancy, so we definitely don’t want similar drives dying on the same day or same week.

5 Drives Max

I’d recommend a maximum of 5 drives in a RAID-5. The more drives you run, the higher the probability of a multiple drive failure, which is what we’re always trying to avoid. If you’re building a RAID for huge capacity needs, I’d highly recommend running RAID-6 and probably having at least one hot-spare.

Setup Notifications

When a drive is taken offline by the RAID controller you absolutely must have it email you or alert you so you can promptly replace the failed drive and perform the necessary rebuild to restore redundancy. When a drive fails and goes offline, the storage array will continue to function (the whole point of RAID-5) and will “emulate” data read from and written to the dead drive using parity calculations on all the other drives. You might get lucky and notice a 20-30% slow-down in data access times, but honestly most users would never notice this. So, if you’re running one of those NAS units in your small business, go grab the manual, connect to it via the little “website” it hosts, and configure the notifications.

Use “Enterprise” Class Drives

While the guts of most drives are very similar, almost every manufacturer has distinctly different firmware on their enterprise series drives when compared to consumer class drives. For example, a consumer class drive may be setup to do “offline” scans — scanning for defects while the drive is not currently “in use." A consumer class drive may actually spin-down the motor and “go to sleep” to save power when not “in use." In a single drive consumer system these may be optimal behavior. However, when the RAID controller attempts to “talk” to a drive in these conditions, there may be an “unacceptable” latency in its response. The RAID controller may be configured to take a drive offline after a certain timeout and now you’re running degraded even though the drive is healthy. If 2 or more drives meet this condition you’re dead in the water. Enterprise class drives are going to alter their behavior to meet the performance/latency requirements of the RAID controller. Enterprise class drives also go through a much more comprehensive quality assurance process and are typically rated for much longer lives in general. Enterprise series drives of course will cost more and can be harder to source (you aren’t going to find them at most local consumer electronics stores) but the extra money and time to source the appropriate equipment is money well spent.

A RAID-5 is Not a Backup
I commonly hear IT people tell me that they don’t need another backup; they are running RAID-5. A RAID-5, or any RAID for that matter, is still subject to numerous failures that will lead to data loss. A RAID-5 will not protect your data from fires, floods, thefts, virus attacks, human error, malicious employee behavior or multiple drive failure. It only protects you from data loss from a single-hard drive failure when a technician is paying attention and can replace it promptly. Running a RAID-5, coupled with a cloud-backup for critical data, is a very solid and cost-effective solution for most small businesses. Shameless plug: Gillware remote backup is our solution and you can quickly and easily configure it to automatically encrypt and transmit your critical data up to the cloud. For a small fee we’ll actually continuously monitor the account to make sure all critical data is being transmitted on a routine basis and that all critical data has been properly configured to get moved up to the cloud.

Ensure You Have a Complete Backup Before Adding Storage or Flashing Firmware

A lot of data loss can happen when doing “routine” maintenance on an array. If the meta-information about the array (drive order/rotation, stripe-size, offline drives, hot-spares, physical volume grouping) is lost during a flash you’ll be dead in the water. Perhaps the array is full and you want to add more drives and a new volume group. Perhaps there’s new firmware for your device that you think will add features or increase performance. It’s always a good idea to ensure your backups are current and 100% complete before doing this type of maintenance.


RAID-5 , when properly initially setup and continuously monitored, will protect you from a single-drive failure costing you all your data. When improperly setup or not monitored at all, it can give you a false sense of security and you’ll probably be sending the unit to us for data recovery someday. RAID is not a backup, and will never protect you from fires, floods, thefts, malicious employees, human error or virus attacks."


Submission + - Android phone controls an IKEA lamp remotely (

An anonymous reader writes: It's about a simple idea: take a cheap 3 colours IKEA night lamp, hack it by replacing its original MCU and adding a cheap serial bluetooth device and then write a simple Android app to control the lamp remotely from your phone !

This is just the beginning, imagine the possibilities once the phone has direct control over the colours and their respective intensities. You can make it light up in sync with some music, you can make it change colours depending on some e-mails you receive or your Facebook status, etc. ...

The Internet

Submission + - SOPA Is On The Chopping Block, But The Fight Has O (

pigrabbitbear writes: "After website blackout threats, Reddit boycotts and other instances of increasingly cacophonous online outrage, it’s finally looking like the momentum behind the internet censorship bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT-IP Act, is beginning to wane. But don’t get too excited — there is still a long fight ahead.

‘Private Rights of Action,’ the provision which grants copyright owners extrajudicial powers to cut off payment processors and ad revenue for sites deemed by them to be “infringing,” still remains, and is by far the most dangerous feature of both bills. As such, the legislation could still present serious threats to human rights, government accountability and the competitive economy."

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