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Submission + - Japan arrests woman for making a printable 3d model of her vagina

antifoidulus writes: The BBC is reporting that a Japanese woman has been arrested for making a 3d model of her vagina that can be printed using a 3d printer. Megumi Igarashi had sent the printable model to people who sent her money to create it. A police spokesman told AFP news agency she had distributed data that could "create an obscene shape". While giant phalluses are a common spectacle at Japanese fertility festivals, apparently vaginas are still considered "taboo". Ms. Igarashi is fighting the charges.

Submission + - Windows Defender update crashes Windows .. (theregister.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has fixed a snafu with Windows Defender that took down thousands of business PCs and servers running Windows XP and Server 2003 .. The only solution to getting affected machines back up was to uninstall the updated signatures ...

Submission + - Windows chief struggles to explain the consumer value proposition of Windows (citeworld.com) 2

mattydread23 writes: Microsoft's new Windows chief Terry Myerson gave a presentation to financial analysts today, and one asked him a very good question: When I see all these mobile Windows devices — phones, tablets, convertibles — in Best Buy, why should I want one? What's the consumer value proposition of Windows devices? His struggle to answer the question shows that there may not BE a good answer. Back when Windows was all we had, we used it for everything. Now, a lot of functions — communication, gaming, web browsing — can be served by other platforms better, cheaper, or both. This is a tough question, but one Microsoft has to solve if the Windows brand is to remain relevant.

Submission + - Robert Scoble Senselessly Compares Google+ to World Series (internetevolution.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In a hysterical response to comScore's finding that Google+ is a virtual ghost town, where users spend 3 minutes per month, blogger Robert Scoble has made the contradictory and totally illogical claim that, a.) Google+ isn't a ghost town; and b.) It's good that Google+ is a ghost town because other ghost towns, like "the World Series," "TED conferences," and "Knicks games" are where people would like to spend time. As one blogger writes in reaction to Scoble's post: "there's a stark difference between real-world exclusive events and establishments that thrive because people pay a premium for access, and a free social networking site that relies on activity in order to attract more activity and, in turn, ad dollars."

Submission + - Monty Python to reunite for movie (ew.com)

dutchwhizzman writes: The surviving members of Monty Python have announced they will make a new movie. It will be titled "Absolutely Anything". Graham Chapman won't be there to join them anymore, but they think the movie will still be in the spirit of "Life of Brian", "The meaning of Life" and other movies they made in the past.

Submission + - Humoristic IPv6 "Killer App" (ip6.no)

noring writes: The migration to IPv6 has been slow. A Norwegian ISP has observed in the past that a female taking off some of her clothes can do wonders for the penetration of new technology. They have created a "Killer App" in a humoristic attempt to spark the interest for IPv6 among end-users. http://ip6.no/index-en.html
United States

Submission + - Reverse Robocall Turns Tables On Politicians (itworld.com) 2

jfruhlinger writes: "One of the great banes of election season is that any politician can shell out a few pennies per voter and phone-spam thousands of people who'd rather not hear a recorded pitch. But turnabout's fair play, and now a service called reverse robocall will deliver your recorded message to elected officials as often as you'd like for a nominal fee. If you got someone who you'd like to call repeatedly, check them out."

Submission + - SOPA Sponsors Break Their Own Law (activepolitic.com)

bs0d3 writes: SOPA is the bill that can cause someone to go to jail for 5 years for embedding a copyrighted video (among other things). It turns out that the sponsors of the bill aren’t too worried about this prospect because many of these lawmakers actually stream copyrighted videos on their websites. This goes to show how technologically literate our lawmakers are.

Submission + - Vuvuzelas Blare on Pirated Copies (wired.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: A novel anti-piracy measure baked into the Nintendo DS version of Michael Jackson: The Experience makes copied versions of the game unplayable and taunts gamers with the blaring sound of vuvuzelas.
Many games have installed switches that detect pirated copies and act accordingly, like ending the user’s game after 20 minutes. Ubisoft has come under fire multiple times for what players have seen as highly restrictive anti-piracy measures that annoy legitimate users as much or more so than pirates.

But some more-mischievous developers have used tricks similar to the vuvuzela fanfare to mess with pirates.

Batman: Arkham Asylum lets unauthorized users play through the game as if it were a normal copy, with a single exception: Batman’s cape-glide ability doesn’t work, rendering the game impossible to finish — although you might bash your head against it trying to make what are now impossible jumps.

If you pirate Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, brace yourself for an explosion, as your entire base will detonate within 30 seconds of loading the game.

Submission + - SPAM: Twitter The Good Bad And Ugly One Man's Experience

londonstimes writes: If you sign up for Twitter chances are good you'll make new friends. If you sign up for facebook you'll find old ones. What neither social network tells you is "the dark side". If you have a strong stomach, and a fairly good sense of humor, you can palate it with no problem. Otherwise, caveat emptor.
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Submission + - Giant buses in China that cars can drive under (inquisitr.com)

yahyamf writes: One Chinese company has proposed new buses that are so big they straddle the road, while cars drive beneath them. Designers at Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd say that these behemoth buses solve a number of issues in one fell swoop, and would result in fewer traffic jams, less emissions, and faster travel.

These buses are actually being put into pilot use shortly. They should make their debut in Beijingâ½âsÂâs Mentougou district, where work is to commence on the first 186km of track at yearâ½âsÂâs end.

Each of the jumbo buses will measure 4 to 4.5 meters high, with passengers aboard the upper level and other vehicles lower than 2 meters going under. Powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can carry 1,200 to 1,400 passengers at a time.


Submission + - Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests (livescience.com)

climenole writes: "Sex apparently can help the brain grow, according to new findings in rats.

Sexually active rodents also seemed less anxious than virgins, Princeton scientists discovered.

Past findings had shown that stressful, unpleasant events could stifle brain cell growth in adults. To see if pleasant albeit stressful experiences could have the opposite effect, researchers studied the effects of sex in rats."

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