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Comment Re:Network Neutrality Violation (Score 1) 317

I'm going to totally agree with you. It appears slashdotizens are totally fine with their ISP's filtering data as long as it's something they don't like. Amazing. I'd rather use Adblock or another method to filter out ads if I don't want to see them. I don't want my ISP filtering anything for me, thank you.

Comment Re:BurstNET (Score 1) 375

BurstNET always had really awful oversubscription issues. Half the time I would take 20%+ Packet Loss and the rest of the time I would have severe IO issues that would just slow it to a crawl. I've moved to BuffaloVPS and have been very happy with them!

Comment Re:the pro in pro sports (Score 3, Interesting) 257

I wasn't trying to trivialize it. People just take the art (yes art, I'll give you that) and skill of throwing a ball and turn it into a holier than thou profession. It's sickening. You're a professional ball thrower and personality on TV. The problem is, it seems as though most of them see themselves as the latter. Everyone just needs to realize they are nothing more than professional kids in the sense that they play the same game kids do, just with more rules and structure. Not to mention multimillion dollar contracts.

Comment Re:the pro in pro sports (Score 4, Insightful) 257

I can't watch pro sport due to multiple reasons. First, it's basically nothing but a bunch of prima donnas complaining all the time. Everyone thinks they are gods gift. News flash, it's a game. Yes you get paid, but you're throwing a ball around a field, get over yourselves. Second, the fact that they are nothing but commodities in and of themselves now. Hell, the teams themselves are practically traded like baseball cards. Not to mention the non-stop and constant advertising. But what really gets me is the sheer fanaticism about it. People get so offended if you bash their quarterback, or root for the rival. There is nothing fun about it. Just a bunch of prima donnas on TV and people who idolize them for no reason. All the while you're being sold everything from beer, to deodorant, to cars. Hell, the Super Bowl is almost better known for it's advertisements!

Comment Military Industrial Complex (Score 4, Insightful) 416

Really is amazing to watch just how far and wide the military/state is invading citizens lives.

I know there is a happy medium between no security and full blown police state, but I'm sure we passed that line and we're accelerating towards the latter. I also know that _every_ great nation has fallen. Maybe they don't totally die, get conquered, etc, but they certainly become shadows of their former selves. Are we on the slide down now? Are we past our prime? Can we recover? I understand that anything is possible, but does it look likely or even plausible given our political climate in the US? What would it take to make things "right" again (yes, I know there are multiple views of what this means)?

Am I just rambling and making no sense after just waking up on a Saturday?

Comment Mr.? (Score 2) 386

I don't particularly have a lot of love for the President, but why do they continually call him "Mr. Obama"? If they can't respect the man, that's fine, but at least respect the office. Hopefully I'm not being overly pedantic...

Comment Re:"privitize" (Score 1) 681

Pre 9/11 it was nothing more than a security guard sitting next to a metal detector. Walk though while he sits on a stool. Catches obvious weapons like knives, guns, etc and doesn't hold everyone up. It did what it was designed for and cost very little I imagine.

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