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Comment Re:Bring it to my area (Score 1) 204

Ditto. I'm sitting here not too far from Google headquarters and I'm dying to get their service. I don't know why they've been targeted "non-technie" communities, but if they'd start rolling out their service to areas with a higher concentration of tech workers, they'd see the numbers they were hoping for.

Comment Re:Give the carriers a choice (Score 1) 170

As for the yammering about how these awful monopolies ... stop. There is no monopoly for ISP service. None.

What are you smoking? In most areas there is exactly one choice for internet service. Usually the local cable company. A business with a history of some of the shittiest customer service in existence. In other places the only choice is DSL from the local phone company. The world champions in shitty customer service.

Comment Re:Mutah was banned by Muhammad (Score 2) 161

"Mutah" is not permitted in Islam, not sure where you got that from.
In fact it was banned by Prophet Muhammad, after the lewdness that the pagans and idol/people worshippers used to spread.
It's only the Shia (minority) sect which allow this.

Too bad fucking little girls wasn't banned. When your prophet is a pedophile, you are corrupt from the start.


Comment I just ignore email after hours (Score 1) 259

My previous boss chastised me for missing an early Monday morning meeting. It turned out he had scheduled it the night before, Sunday at 10pm -ish. The meeting was scheduled to start an hour before I normally got to the office. He pointed out that my company provided phone kept me connected to my email inbox and my meeting schedule. He was shocked when I said I turned off alerts for email and that I didn't regularly check it. I told him simply, "you don't pay me enough to be at work 24/7".

I'm actually on call 24/7. I have the volume turned up to max so I know if I get text messages or phone calls, signifying something important. The audio alerts for email is turned off because otherwise I could never f*cking get to sleep because the email is relentless.

I told the replacement boss that I will not be changing this policy under any circumstance. He knows I am absolutely serious. If they ever make an issue of it my response will be to hand over the phone and announce I am no longer on-call.

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