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Submission + - Dutch justice ban access to internet ban list ( 1

Askmum writes: The Dutch justice department has created an "internet filter" to prevent access to child porn sites. But it will not disclose which sites are on the list, making it unclear if there may be other sites banned too. The reason given for not disclosing the list is because "the justice department has no access to this information". Makes you wonder who controlls this list then.
And it makes you think of the Australian internet ban list, which featured a lot of unrelated sites.


Submission + - Valve Hiring to Port Windows Games to Linux ( 3

mrbojangles_dcfc writes: crimsonheadGCN over at NeoGaf has highlighted that whilst we were told by Valve just a few weeks ago that there is no Linux version of Steam in development, they are looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer who will have to "Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform." as part of their responsibilities.
PlayStation (Games)

Gran Turismo 5 Delayed 122

RogueyWon writes "The Times is reporting that Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5, likely to prove a key title for the PlayStation 3, has been delayed indefinitely, despite an expectation that it would be released relatively early in 2010. The delay seems likely to impact Sony's plans to bundle the game with the PlayStation 3 console in time for the important spring sales period in Japan."

Submission + - Ubuntu 8.40 Released Today ( 2

damienhunter writes: "Canonical Ltd. announced the upcoming availability of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition for free download on Thursday 24 April. In related news, Canonical also announced the simultaneous release of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition. Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) provides a stable platform for software and hardware vendors, developers and users. With three years of support and maintenance on the desktop, 8.04 LTS is a great choice for large-scale deployment. A substantial and growing ecosystem of free and commercial software built for Ubuntu provides a rich set of choices for desktop users. This is the eighth desktop release of Ubuntu. Ubuntu's track record in delivering — on a precise schedule every six months — a commercial operating system that is free, stable, secure and fully supported, remains unique."

Submission + - Bill Gates: "the GPL, which we disagree with&# ( 2

Dionysius, God of Wine, writes: ""There's free software and then there's open source," he suggested, noting that Microsoft gives away its software in developing countries. With open source software, on the other hand, "there is this thing called the GPL, which we disagree with." Open source, he said, creates a license "so that nobody can ever improve the software," he claimed, bemoaning the squandered opportunity for jobs and business. (Yes, Linux fans, we're aware of how distorted this definition is.) He went back to the analogy of pharmaceuticals: "I think if you invent drugs, you should be able to charge for them," he said, adding with a shrug: "That may seem radical.""

Linux Business

Submission + - Low-Cost Linux Computers Now on ( 1

christian.einfeldt writes: "In the wake of reports that low-end GNU Linux computers and devices sold very well on in 2007, now comes an announcement from Linspire that its community distro, Freespire, will come pre-installed on a desktop box offered on for under $200.00 USD. Built by long-time Linspire partner Mirus Innovations, the box will ship with a Celeron D 420-1.6Ghz chip, one 1 gigabyte of RAM, and an 80 gigabyte hard drive. With Wal-Mart selling out its low-end Linux offering in weeks, this new offering by the risk-adverse venerable old Sears lends some objective credence to opinions by industry observers who see a trend of Linux occupying the low-end PC market. While the Mirus desktop is at the other end of the spectrum from the high-end MacBook Air, also announced this week, it is nonetheless interesting to compare the power of these two very different products, while contrasting the six to one price differential of the two products."

Submission + - "Extremely critical" vulnerability in Exce

Bernie writes: "Secunia are reporting an 'actively exploited' 0-day vulnerability in the handling of Excel files. If you are tricked into opening a maliciously crafted Excel file, you no longer own your computer. No patch is available as yet."

Submission + - OS X Sales Surpass Windows Sales Internationally (

tubs writes: According to latest reports, Apple's OS X operating system is doing much better in international markets, such as Japan, than the United States. Quote: "The report went on to say that sales of OS X have outdone those of Windows for the first time in history, which is huge. Apparently Leopard gave the numbers just the right amount of push they needed to really start snowballing. In any case, six days after Leopard's launch in Japan, the sales took over 53.9 percent of the OS market. Perhaps this is a sign of greater things to happen in the US as well."

Submission + - Has Microsoft Learned Anything from Vista Failure? (

abudd writes: "With Windows 7 on its way, has Microsoft learned anything from its mishaps with Vista? According to this article, "I'm a former Windows user and despite me being appalled at Vista being called "ready for prime time," I believe that considering the painfully obvious lessons on compatibility Microsoft had to learn with Vista, it's quite possible that Windows 7 may indeed be a solid OS release. If indeed, Microsoft does decide to start over completely (MinWin anyone?) and this time, make sure that both hardware and software compatibility are running well out of the box, there is no question that MS can save face with a well thought out Windows 7 release."

Feed Engadget: Sony rumored to give PS3 owners Blu-ray Profile 1.1 for Christmas (

Filed under: Gaming, HDTV, Home Entertainment

Sony is said to have yet another PlayStation 3 firmware update ready for download before Christmas, with the gift for movie-loving gamers being Profile 1.1 compatibility for Blu-ray Discs. Competing format HD DVD has had support for Profile 1.1 features such as picture-in-picture, secondary audio, and local storage since its inception, while in the Blu-ray spec they were optional. There aren't any Profile 1.1 Blu-ray titles on the market yet, and only a single 1.1-compatible player for sale from Panasonic, so this is really about having one more bullet point on a box for fanboys to argue about. The only major HD DVD feature that becomes required in Profile 2.0 is Internet connectivity, so downloadable content will still be optional for some 1.1-compatible BD players -- but not the PS3 with its built-in Ethernet jack. Considering the PS3 is still one of the cheapest and most widely-owned Blu-ray players, and Sony continues to improve its capabilities via firmware updates, PS3 fans and Blu-ray Disc aficionados have that much more ammo to use in the never-ending format war.

[Thanks, ag23]

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Submission + - Inside The Asus Eee PC, A Full Retail Evaluation (

MojoKid writes: "The Asus Eee PC is now available for sale in the US as of today and there is more than enough buzz about this new, low-cost, ultra-portal computer that ships with a custom KDE-built interface for Linux. Though the machine has been positioned by some as a response to the XO-1 laptop from OLPC, it appears to be a bit more and much less toy-like in its design. This full evaluation shows the Eee PC is built on Intel's mobile Celeron and the 910GML Express chipset. Power consumption was measured at a miserly 15 Watts idle and 18 Watts under load with battery life in excess of three hours. There is also an abundance of software pre-installed on the machine, like Open Office applications, Skype and Pigeon."

Submission + - Windows Vista Corrupts Database Files

Major General Ist writes: ""Time for a rant. If ever there was proof that Vista was rushed out the door, this is it. If ever there was proof that there is slow uptake of Vista by enterprise clients, this is it. Let me explain..." This blog article goes on to discuss how the much hyped Bitmap Differential Transfer (BDT) feature of Windows Vista's Folder Redirection corrupts databases! It seems that the new block synchronization needs some work. I'm amazed this hasn't been discussed everywhere."

Submission + - South Africa adopts ODF as Government standard. (

eugene_roux writes: Tectonic reports:

The ODF standard is included in the government's Mininimum Interoperability Standards for Information Systems in government (MIOS) released yesterday.

In the foreword to the document, department of public service and administration minister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, says that "this updated version of MIOS contains an explicit definition of open standards as well as the inclusion of the ISO Open Document Format".


Submission + - Patent case against red hat and novell

raffe writes: From Groklaw: IP Innovation LLC has just filed a patent infringement They claim against Red Hat and Novell. It was filed October 9, case no. 2:2007cv00447, IP Innovation, LLC et al v. Red Hat Inc. et al, in Texas. You might recall the patent was used in litigation against Apple in April 2007, and Beta News reported at the time that it's a 1991 Xerox PARC patent. But ars technica provided the detail that it references earlier patents going back to 1984 claim to have the rights to U.S. Patent No. 5,072,412 for a User Interface with Multiple Workspaces for Sharing Display System Objects issued Dec. 10, 1991 along with two other similar patents. So in July one Microsoft executive arrives; then as of October 1, there is the second, a patent guy. October 9, IP Innovation, a subsidiary, sues Red Hat. And Novell. So much for being Microsoft's little buddy. I think SCO II has arrived

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