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Comment Re:nonsense question (Score -1) 353

So your argument is that a right isn't inalienable, but is perfectly squashable, so long as it isn't the government doing it. That sounds like anarcho-capitalism

Not quite. Roman_mir's fantasy world is all about the extreme concentration of power. You don't have to combine terms to make a hybrid description of this idea, as a term already exists for it - fascism. Some people have the mistaken belief that a strong centralized government is required for a fascist state to exist, that is not true. Fascism is just about giving as much of the power as possible to as few of the people as possible, and making sure that the power structure remains that way. This is exactly what roman_mir (aka udachny) wants.

which I always end up confusing with libertarianism.

That is exactly what he wants, is for people to believe that his fascist dream state somehow equates to "liberty".

Nearly any post-apocalyptic dystopia is a libertarian utopia. Non-governmental warlords kiling for power and profit is perfectly fine, so long as they weren't elected.

That pretty well sums it up. Money == power. Buy more, sell less. If you can't afford any, that is your own damned stupid fault, you can go off and die somewhere (at work, if you're lucky).

next you'll tell me murder should be legal because the right to life guarantees the freedom from the death penalty, and not the freedom from being killed by private citizens

Basically, yes. Furthermore as power concentration continues to its extreme, human ownership will be re-instituted. Companies will own people and have the ability to force them to do whatever they want. Sure, we might not see the US government invade Iran under a president Paul, but Coca-Cola, Exxon, and United Defense would be free to force their employees to form an invading army for that function.

Comment Re:3 D printing of guns can be done better (Score -1) 717

wow, you still really don't get it, do you? you have brought your sockpuppet back out because people have been rightfully downmodding you for trolling. if you would tone down the religious rhetoric of your posts and focus instead on factual information you would not be moderated down so often.

Comment Re:$9000 in the hole (Score -1) 91

This is where a currency like Bitcoin can actually be very useful, to make payments across borders without having to go through any official banking methods.

Sure, because obviously anyone doing something like this must be another member of your church, where the dollar is neither accepted for donation nor recognized as valid currency. Hence the need for bitcoin payments instead, right?

After all, you said 10 years ago that the US Dollar would fail completely within 2 years, and it certainly did fail 8 years ago. Just like everyone else I now have a wallet full of Ron Paullors instead. I'm so glad that your lord and savior warned us in time!

Comment Re:What else would you believe? (Score -1) 99

We wouldn't have believed that a blabbering cult member such as yourself would manage to get his karma back from terrible to good in less than 24 hours of posting, but yet you did. And now as a result we see you posting your church material here as fast as you can type it. Hence attack dolphins seem pretty plausible; after all they can likely handle math much better than you.

Comment Re:Dammit, Texas! (Score -1) 277

as a non-Texan libertarian

you might or might not be from texas, but you sure as hell are not a libertarian. libertarians are supposed to support liberty for all , not just liberty for those who can afford it. you are supporting liberty and freedom for those who can afford it, and oppression of those who cannot. you are only a libertarian if libertarian is now analogous to fascist.

Comment He's Just Taking After His Old Man (Score -1) 693

ron paul was an ultra conservative fascist blowhard who was in love with the sound of his own voice and the notion of crushing the dreams of people who were economically below him. his son is following in his footsteps by talking endlessly while simultaneously doing everything possible to prevent the passage of any legislation that would in any way benefit people who make 5 figures or less per year. in other words, rand paul is just trying to shore up his dad's cult for his own political future.

and to slashdot paullowers; you can't moderate me down any further as i already post at -1 thanks to you. if someone did bump this up by accident and you pushed it back down you would only be spitting into the ocean.

Comment how many more sides can you speak for? (Score -1) 250

wait a moment, you may want to HIDE that you are a terrible credit risk, but how is that good for the economy and for the potential lenders that also don't want to lose money if they give you credit?

You normally argue for people to be held responsible for their own risks - whether they are individuals or companies. Yet now you are are arguing for the almighty financial players to be protected from risk. Can't you keep your opinion straight? Or is this the new stance handed down to you by your church?

Comment Re:strategic response (Score -1) 119

The strategic response to this type of stalking initiatives shall be known as the Unified Posting Yield Obfuscating Response System.

U missed one before Response there.

His church told him that vowel was unnecessary, and that he could reduce taxation and help move towards the gold standard by omitting it.

Comment this should surprise anyone (Score -1) 611

ron paul has seen himself as an exceptional human being for a long time, seeing himself to be above the law as others see it any time he can find a new way to interpret the law to his own benefit. now he wants to use the law to take property away from others, we should not be surprised to see this behavior from him.

Comment Re:so republicans never get access to it ... (Score 0) 356

People who care about good policy do not get elected even in primaries (Ron Paul)

Wow, you call extreme fascism good policy? I'd love to know what constitutes bad policy - perhaps anything that actually considers the will of the people?

FYI, douchenozzle - a link to your own blog post does not equate to a valid source citation... unless, that is, you're trying to show how much of an uncompromising douche you are. In the case of the latter - well played, I guess?

If you read through roman_mir's posts (including posts he writes from his sock puppet udachny) you'll see that he does it all the time.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When discussing fascism, do as roman_mir does.

Comment full disclosure (Score -1) 443

First, udachny is a sock puppet of roman_mir.

After that, the problems with his statement and why it did not deserve to be moderated out of the hole he has dug himself:

While I am no fan of FB

You are, however, a fan of fascism and runaway free-market foolery. In your world the teen never would have faced any repercussions because nobody would have seen it to pursue the matter for themselves. In your world his friends wouldn't have been able to turn him in, either, as the police wouldn't have listened to them - even when presented with the written evidence directly - unless the victim was willing to pay for them to investigate the matter.

not that I condone drunk driving and hit and run

You oppose law enforcement taking action against such acts, though. So you are not really anti drunk-driving either.

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