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Submission + - Keystroke Dynamics Could Be Used To Distinguish Children From Adults Online (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers in Turkey have tested 13 machine learning algorithms against a new dataset of keyboard-input from adults and children, seeking to discover if children under 15 years old can be identified by their typing input style. The best of the results across the engines give a 91% success rate, and the scientists suggest that a derived security application could help create safe 'child-only' environments, as well as aiding undercover police seeking to identify individuals impersonating children in such environments.

Submission + - Windows 10 Passes Windows XP In Market Share

An anonymous reader writes: Six months after its release, Windows 10 has finally passed 10 percent market share. Not only that, but the latest and greatest version from Microsoft has also overtaken Windows 8.1 and Windows XP, according to the latest figures from Net Applications. Windows 10 had 9.96 percent market share in December, and gained 1.89 percentage points to hit 11.85 percent in January.

Submission + - Pre To Postmortem: The Inside Story of the Death of Palm and webOS (

SomePgmr writes: "Thirty-one. That's the number of months it took Palm, Inc. to go from the darling of International CES 2009 to a mere shadow of itself, a nearly anonymous division inside the HP machine without a hardware program and without the confidence of its owners. Thirty-one months is just barely longer than a typical American mobile phone contract. Understanding exactly how Palm could drive itself into irrelevance in such a short period of time will forever be a subject of Valley lore."

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