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Submission + - Building a Personal FOSS Cloud

An anonymous reader writes: Cloud-based personal data management is pretty cool... if you don't mind entrusting the entirety of your personal data to a gigantic corporation. Apart from the risks of their doing unseemly things with your data, also the security of your data is entirely in their unreliable hands. So, is it possible to build my own personal data repository, where for example, I can store my contacts and calendars to sync to multiple devices? This could be hosted on any third party hosting service assuming also that all of my data was encrypted at the data level. So even if the host wanted to look at my data, all they'd see is 1s and 0s. What are the options for the tinfoil hat wearing FOSS folks that want to participate in the cloud age?

Submission + - Video hands-on with the shockingly accurate Leap motion controller for PCs (

zacharye writes: BGR catches up with Leap Motion, and goes hands-on with their first peripheral — it’s a total game-changer. Instead of using a mouse or even touch, you’re able to manipulate on-screen elements and control your computer just by moving your finger in small motions in front of your monitor. It’s multitouch without the touch, and it’s one of the coolest pieces of technology we’ve seen in a while...

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