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Submission + - Brazilian company launches IPHONE that runs on Android (

rodmm writes: Gradiente, a consumer electronics brazilian company filed for trademark registration in Brazil in 2000, years ahead of Apple's product. This week they launched Gradiente iphone Neo One, already available at company's website. Although we can imagine that there will be some legal fight around it, first impression is that, legally speaking, the brazilian company has a right in this issue.

Submission + - Instagram responds to press around it's new Privacy Policy (

hugheseyau writes: "Yesterday Instagram introduced a new version of their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that will take effect in thirty days. Since making these changes, many users were confused and upset about what the changes mean.

Instagram now says that "it is not our intention to sell your photos" and that "users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos". This is good news for Instagram users."


A Decade of Agile Programming — Has It Delivered? 395

snydeq writes "InfoWorld offers a look back at the first decade of agile programming. Forged in February 2001 when a group of developers convened in Utah to find an alternative to documentation-driven, 'heavyweight' software development practices, The Manifesto for Agile Software Development sought to promote processes that accommodate changing requirements, collaboration with customers, and delivery of software in short iterations. Fast-forward a decade, and agile software development is becoming increasingly commonplace, with software firms adopting agile offshoots such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Kanban — a trend some see benefiting software development overall."

Submission + - Facebook User Files Class-Action Against Zynga (

donniebaseball23 writes: IndustryGamers reports that Nancy Graf of St. Paul, Minnesota has filed a class-action lawsuit against social gaming leader Zynga, alleging that the company illegally shared Facebook user data of its 218 million users with advertisers. The suit goes on to specify that Zynga’s actions are a violation of federal law and Zynga’s contract with Facebook. Filed in federal court, the suit seeks monetary relief for those whose personal information was wrongly shared and injunctive relief to prevent more violations by Zynga. "This appears to be another example of an online company failing the American public with empty promises to respect individual privacy rights," explained Michael Aschenbrener of Edelson McGuire LLC, co-lead attorney for the class action.

Submission + - Kaspersky download site hacked to spread fake AV (

anton_kg writes: According to a report in ITPro by Jennifer Scott, Kaspersky have been in touch to confirm that their servers were in fact compromised and the redirection was very real. The breach was made by exploiting “a third party app used for site admin”. The malicious redirection was in place for three and a half hours.
Several reports in Kaspersky user forums seem to indicate that the security software manufacturer was recently compromised by cybercriminals trying to punt fake security software.


Submission + - Dell and Sprint unveil two new 4G netbooks

An anonymous reader writes: It’s a 4G netbook, courtesy of Sprint and Dell! In everything but radio capabilities, the netbook — namely, the Inspiron Mini 10 — is a standard affair. It has a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU, 1GB of RAM, Intel GMA 3150 graphics, a 250GB hard drive and a 10.1-inch widescreen display at 1024×600. It runs Windows 7 Starter Edition and comes with the usual gaggle of USB ports, along with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. On the other hand, it can leverage high-speed WiMAX when it’s available, and EVDO Rev. A when it isn’t. A 4G Inspiron 11z was the second computer announced--it has a Core i3 processor and an 11.6-inch display.

Submission + - With hiccups, NASA satellite half way to Pluto (

coondoggie writes: Over-coming a couple "stressful" hiccups, NASA's New Horizons satellite mission to Pluto has reached the halfway mark. Launched in January 2006, the New Horizons satellite has been hurtling toward Pluto at about 50,000 mph. Even at that rate the 1,054lb satellite will get it close to the dwarf planet sometime around July 2015.

Submission + - Un-killable 'Evercookie' Killed By Researchers (

Trailrunner7 writes: The persistent method that security researcher Samy Kamkar introduced last week for storing tracking data on a user's machine, known as the "Evercookie," is even more worrisome when used on mobile devices, according to another researcher's analysis.

The Evercookie is a simple method for forcing a user's machine to retain browser cookies by storing the data in a number of different locations. The method also has the ability to recreate deleted cookies if it finds that the user has removed them. Created by Kamkar as a demonstration of a way that sites could use to persistently track users even after they clear their browser cookies, the Evercookie has drawn the attention of a number of other researchers who have spent some time looking for methods to defeat it. A researcher in South Africa took a look at the way the the Evercookie works on both Safari on the desktop and on mobile devices, and found that it can be undone in some circumstances. However, he also found that the mobile version of Safari fares far worse in its handling of the Evercookie than the standard version does.

The Courts

Facebook Says It Owns 'Book' 483

An anonymous reader writes "The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Facebook has sued a tiny start-up called over the use of 'book' in its name. The start-up, which has two employees, aims to provide tools for teachers to manage their classrooms and share lesson plans and other resources. 'Effectively they're bombing a mosquito here, and we're not sure why they want to do that,' co-director Greg Shrader told the Tribune. Facebook said its use of 'book' in its name is 'highly distinctive in the context of online communities and networking websites.' Facebook apparently is alleging that no other online 'network of people' can use the word 'book' in its name without violating its trademark."

Bacteria From Beer Lasts 553 Days In Space 138

An anonymous reader writes "Some specific bacteria colonies from Beer (the place, not the beverage) left for several days outside the ISS actually survived extreme temperatures, UV and other radiations, lack of water and all the like. They were later brought back to Earth for examination: such resistant bacteria may be the base of life support systems or bio-mining on colonies off Earth, and of course for terraforming, eventually. No clue in the article about how dangerous those bacteria might have become after the exposure or when they'll start eating their examiners."

Submission + - SPAM: Toyota and Paice Settle Hybrid Vehicle Patent Suit

crystalelf writes: Last post I was discussed the case between TOYOTA and PAICE, and gave some study in electric vehicle. Recently I heard the news that Paice and Toyota announced that they have settled their disputes; after six years of legal wrangling in U.S. courts and the International Trade Commission (ITC) over hybrid vehicle patents.
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Submission + - Danish suborbital rocket launch planned for Aug 30 (

egil writes: The most amazing hobby project ever: Build a suborbital manned rocket — and while you're at it, a sea lauch platform and a submarine. It seems unbelieveable, but the posts documents this amazing project, started by Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson. The project home page has more information. Although covered in the Danish press, the guys have obviously been more busy with rocket science than PR.

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