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Journal Journal: The Biginning

Hello and welcome!

I found it to be a suitable time to begin a journal - I hate letting features go to waste, and since the journal feature is here... well let's just say it has been annoyingly rolling around my head to finally use it -- So here it is.

I found that a lot of things in life are spent on task, chores and jobs that are meaningless. Take for example this -
"USA Today has come out with a new survey: Apparently three out of four people make up 75 percent of the population."--David Letterman No I fully accept that the source of this quote, David Letterman, may lend to the fact that this quote is faux, though I know many of us have seen RL studies of just this type of idoitic waste of man & brain power (of lackthereof). Why as a nation do we deplete valuable resources on such nonsense. The unfortunate truth is that the nation, hell the world for that matter, is filled with stupid people and they find a survey like this absolutely enlightening. Thankfully the universe has developed /. for the rest of us (even though the trolls, flamebait'ers and others have stumbled their way here too.) An area where the collective minds come together to discuss, contemplate and argue view points on a large array of topics.

I consider myself quite intelligent, as does my wife, who has a medical degree, and she often says to me "How, or more importantly... WHY would you know that?"... My answer is simple "Slashdot!"


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