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Comment Re:HD on cellular (Score 1) 92

To my understanding the point of unlimited data is to have unlimited data. Besides you don't need HD for video calls, let alone plain voice calls via internet.

And unless their outdated, any video service today probably defaults to maximum resolution of the device. However not necessary of the device that connects to ISP, it may also be a tablet, laptop or even desktop PC that's using wi-fi hotspot shared from the phone. In fact I'm currently connecting that way from home too - unfortunately that means I have no connection at home when I'm not there, which means I can't connect home remotely, but lately I've had no need for that anyway.
I'm not from US though - around here this kind of use is not even questioned. You pay for the data rate and you use it however you wish.

Comment Re:We really need some laws against false advertis (Score 1) 92

I'm not expecting you're willing to explain what is it about this small group, which you're correct to say the ISP doesn't likely even care about, that makes them dorks?
And that, if you don't get it, was a rhetorical question, as you already associated circumventing an artificial limitation with illogical anti-social vandalism, without any logical connection whatsoever. Oh, and also doing it as AC.

Comment Re:We really need some laws against false advertis (Score 1) 92

Well put.

The problem is that nobody understands what net neutrality actually is and they get distracted by "free" stuff that takes away their FREEdom.

Sorry, but could you explain what exactly is it you are referring to with 'distracted by "free" stuff that takes away their FREEdom'?
Please understand I'm only asking because I'm not sure I understand and I don't mean anything else by it. I'm not like many people who act and feel like they got it right even when they 1st had to come up with something that the other person "might have meant" :)

Comment Re:We really need some laws against false advertis (Score 1) 92

For mobile phones, the BTS's are very rare, so you share it with many people. Its totally different for cable bound internet. Or even wifi that then goes over cables again for that matter. There is a technical argument in throttling videos.

So I completely agree with them doing this. Maybe they should throttle all traffic, and not just videos, because its probably hard to decide what is video and what is not from the ISP perspective (except its unencrypted).

I've noticed mobile phone apps (whether it's browser, app for specific video site or video generic video player) to pretty much limit the maximum resolution (where possible - boy this kind of throttling must be annoying when the site/service doesn't serve but one resolution, and that resolution is HD) to what the device is actually capable, but not all mobile devices or even just phones (and yes, a tablet with SIM - or any other means for calls/sms/data on mobile network - are phones by definition, although even if tables are not counted it's still true) are below HD, let alone limited to just 480p.
IMHO, a data plan, just like any other type of connection deal with ISP is priced by either amount of data or transfer rate; or both. Any limitations by protocol, data type, etc. aren't compatible with how I understand net neutrality - and no, I don't consider net neutrality to be just about those hosting data but also (and in fact first-most about consumer rights).

I'd be pretty pissed (although routing my data through ssh-pipe to proxy server would be trivial to me) even though my mobile devices are all 480p or less, but then I use my phone as wi-fi hotspot at home to provide connectivity for all my computers... but I'm guessing that in the US just having a data plan doesn't automatically mean you're even allowed to share the connection - It's so much simpler when what you're buying is simply connectivity, plain and simple, and what you do with the connectivity is up to you. Anything else, for me, is horseshit.

Comment Re:We really need some laws against false advertis (Score 1) 92

After a year or more of taking break from slashdot it's kinda funny, though also sad, to see in the very first thread that nothings changed in the way how large number of yanks always willing and eager to defend large corporations right to kick them in the face and surprise bearfuck them :P

I pay 29.90€ a month, and this is prepaid (=more expensive), for unlimited calls/sms/data (4G) - and that means unlimited. Although the speed rarely measures as said 50mbps, it's still mostly fairly good (generally over 30, usually almost 40 & always over 25mbps).

Comment Re:As a Canadian (Score 1) 311

He chose to say he don't see the cost, not the more common (and perfectly easy to understand, yet constantly people choose to not) wording of "it's free", probably because he knew people would choose to think that the writer doesn't understand his paying for it through taxes. He knows there is a cost, and so does everyone using the words "free healthcare" - everyone knows what it means so please people stop knowingly choosing to misunderstand it every chance you get, pretty please.

Comment Re:So this kills AdBlock and NoScript, right? (Score 1) 152

Firefox is the slowest, least memory efficient browser out there. It regularly breaks several GB of memory after only a day's use. In fact, Firefox is already up to nearly 3GB of memory use, which is somewhat worrying for a 32-bit process. Looks like I'm going to have to quit and restart after this comment.

I've actually never witnessed this, but I hear it so often I'm beginning to believe the issue exists - but perhaps only for the Windows version. The few times I've had to use windows in the past few years has given me the experience that all browsers tend to be rather sluggish on it... oh well, that's what you get for using subOS. Oh, and I keep Firefox running for days, even weeks, and have generally around 100 tabs open at any time. There was a time when my average was closer to or even over 200 tabs, and back then I had only 512MB's of RAM - yet I have no idea what this memory use issue so many talk about is.

Comment Re:Open source = amateur hour (Score 1) 37

Not seeing what kind of mess the source code is may help some people sleep. Having identified one security breach since I moved from proprietary OS to open source one in 2002, leading to less than a percent of any and all applications I use being proprietary, and that breach was because of a bug in wordpress and compromised only my web server, really helps me sleep better. Before that breaks were normal - yet I didn't even run any server software meant to be accessed from outside back then.

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