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Submission + - Victory for Apple in "the Patent Trial of the Century" (wired.com) 2

pdabbadabba writes: The jury is in in the epic patent dispute between Apple and Samsung and Apple appears to be coming out on top. The court is still going through the 700+ items on the verdict form, but things seem to be going Apple's way so far. In the case of Apple's various UI patents, the jury is consistently ruling that Samsung not only violated Apple's patent, but did so willfully.

Submission + - Jobs resigns from Apple (wsj.com)

v1 writes: Looks like all the news outlets are picking up on the big story today, Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. He's not giving specifics, but says he's no longer "fit" to run the company. It's probably fair to assume it's due to health reasons. Jobs offered Tim Cook as his suggested replacement at the board meeting.

Comment Re:I was seriously thinking about buying a PS3 (Score 1) 546

But now, I might as well upgrade my desktop PC with a new AMD processor (screw you Intel will your ever changing sockets) and motherboard.
Yes, I'll be missing out on some games but I barely have time to play the ones I already have.

Well, assuming you were planning on buying a new PS3, you wouldn't have had the Other OS option anyway, as I don't believe this was ever supported on the new PS3 slim. It's still a dick move by Sony to take it away on the old fat PS3s, so if you're changing your mind just to stick it to the man, then more power to you.


NASA's Space Balloon Smashes Car In Australia 174

Humunculus writes "Of more worldly issues, NASA's latest multimillion-dollar stratosphere-bound balloon launch has gone horribly wrong and crashed into a car, turning it over and narrowly missing two elderly people who were observing the launch. The payload fared worse, reportedly being smashed into a 'thousand pieces.'"

Comment Re:Hack request!! (Score 1) 275

Hopefully some of the keyboard hackers read slashdot. I would like to request a function added to the keyboard that senses certain "L33T" speak words and automatically backspaces and substitutes REAL words in its place. Some parents might even like to see such a function that senses curse words and substitutes +%$#"!! for matching words... could even be marketable...hrm?

And while we're at it, translate 'u' to 'you', 'r' to 'are', etc... God I hate my friends.


Submission + - OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Announced (appleinsider.com)

99BottlesOfBeerInMyF writes: Appleinsider's coverage of the WWDC notes, "Apple on Monday offered attendees at its annual developer conference an overview of its nearly finalized Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system, which the company said will be available in September as a $29 upgrade for users of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard." In addition to the approximate release date and price, the article details some of the features and improvements in the Snow Leopard update to OS X. These include: performance enhancements, 64 applications, smaller footprint, Exchange support, updated "Cocoa" Finder, some minor UI improvements, Safari 4, and a new version of Quicktime.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Steve Jobs Takes Leave of Abscence (breitbart.com)

johnsonav writes: Steve Jobs has announced he will be taking a "medical leave of absence" until the end of June. His medical issues have proven to be worse than thought. Tim Cook, the current COO, will be taking over Job's responsibilities.

6-Year-Old Says Grand Theft Auto Taught Him To Drive 504

nandemoari writes "A six-year-old who recently stole his parents' car and drove it into a utility pole has passed the buck onto a familiar scapegoat: the video game, Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games' controversial Grand Theft Auto video game has been criticized by parent groups and crusaders (or in the eyes of gamers, nincompoops) like former lawyer Jack Thompson for years (Thompson once tried to link the Virginia Tech slayings to late-night Counterstrike sessions. He's since been disbarred). However, not as of yet has anyone under the age of, oh, ten, blamed the game for a car theft."

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