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Journal Journal: More Scholastic Woes

Yay. Today i got a mouse, a laser style by Microsoft, so now I don't have to use the P.O.S. 1 button mouse that comes standard on all macs. Oh those things suck. Thats about the only good thing that happened to me today.
on a seperate note, some kids do not know how to shut up. This one kid, who started pestering me ever since I brought this computer out and plugged in my new mouse, He kept asking me if I am the Messiah described by the Christian Religeon, Jesus Christ. I am not Jesus Christ, nor am I probibilly related to him. Some kid was misinformed. It sucks.

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Journal Journal: Scholastic Woes

I really scorn school, and the unfortunate situations i am currently in. Every teacher sees me as "special". My gym teacher has noticed that i have absolutely no upper body strength, which is unfortunate, but why does the gym teacher try to have me develop my upper body strength? This is my body. I will do to it whatever I want to it, whether or not the helicopter patrol thinks its good for me, thank you very much. I am also given a special retards thing called an IEP (Individual Education Plan), because the school I attended in third grade misdiagnosed me with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), specifically asperger syndrome. So now, I have to go to all sorts of retard classes, hoping that I will eventually get out of them, knowing that is a hope that can never become true, because of the awful bureaucracy and my mothers lies. They also know that my left eye is slightly deficient, something that I don't want the school to know, partly because I don't use my left eye AT ALL for any meaningful task (when I close it, I notice absolutely no change), partly because that is my own damn business. Ugh.
On another note, has anyone noticed how difficult it is to get a girlfriend? I know at least 3 girls in my school like me, one dosn't know how to shut up, one is extremely cruel to my friends, and one, well, lets not get into that. The one girl I like, who I sit next to in science, I have probibilly ruined my chances with, and don't know at all. I know she knows my last name shows up in the credits of The Simpsons, but whats special about that? My last name shows up in special places, but my first and last name together only represents a guy who built construction cranes. I am nobody but a geek, and that is how my entire school sees me as, saying that I am blogging when they know I am not to get on my nerves. Well, at least at this school, the teachers try to be impartial about politics, instead of forcing their Sozialist views onto me. Ugh
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Journal Journal: American Retart...d

Is it just me, or is everyone a retard? Obama goes about extremely strongarming the government to do so many things, and yet, he dosn't see the revolution comming to light. When my granmother becomes pres. i am going to laugh.

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Journal Journal: Annoyances and curiosity:

I am feeling mixed emotions today. For one thing, I have just been informed that my email account has been hacked into. For another, I want to know a few good websites for getting wallpaper, of things like astronomical phenominom, and natural things.

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Journal Journal: I wonder 1

My email is public record. Why dosn't anyone ever email me?

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Journal Journal: Confusion in technology

I have had the worst weekend ever, just because I forgot to bring my school laptop to my dads. I had to use Google Docs (not my favorite technology, good concept, poor execution), to edit an open office document (he dosn't like open source software for whatever wacked out reason). Then I had to save it, and upload it to the schools servers through the server. Morale of the story: if you have a school laptop, don't leave it at home while your with your dad for the weekend.

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Journal Journal: Illogic of the out of this world energy

Slashdot: Astrium Hopes To Test Grabbing Solar Energy From Orbit
BBC News: EADS Astrium develops space power concept

Critics, though, have always pointed to multiple hurdles - to the cost of launching and assembling large solar stations in orbit, to the losses in efficiency in conversion, and to the safety issues surrounding some wireless transmission methods, particularly those that use microwaves. Astrium says the latter can be addressed by using infrared lasers which, if misdirected, would not risk "cooking" anyone in their path.

This artical says that they will use infrared lasers, that won't cook anyone. Isn't Infrared radiation the level of light that can come to and from heat? Enlighten me please, somebody.


Journal Journal: More from the hyper-small-data-arangement department 1

Ok. I know my DNA hard drive is not viable at the current, but I have a new idea. Consider this artical: Slashdot: Nano-Scale Robot Arm Moves Atoms With 100% Accuracy . If we can place atoms exactly where we want to put them, then we can use this knowledge to analyze an object we want to move, break up this object, form it into water soluble molecules, send the molecules along with the computer data of which was formed, and then re-assemble it with the computer data exactly as it was. The only problem is it cannot theoretically restore life, because what my father says, once the spark of life is out, its out for good. However, for bulk objects, like transporting potatoes or beef, it would reduce congestion on the roads, if the process could be done efficiently (like a gram per second or faster). Any ideas?

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Journal Journal: Summer School

W00t i have just barely avoided summer school for failing english. w00t!!! LMAO

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Journal Journal: DNA based hard drive 8

Is it possible to make a hard drive that stores data in DNA strands? I have a theory. Each pair of dna can represent a 1 or a 0, and we have a way to bring this DNA to a reader in which can read the DNA with extreme accuracy.

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