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Submission + - Tobacco-Funded Studies bad for you

robinstar1574 writes: " A new scientist editorial by Debora MacKenzie states that studies funded by tobacco is bad for us. Now the question is why.

There is a huge problem with all corporate funding of clinical trials: it's like asking the coach of the football team to referee the game. But unlike pharmaceuticals, the tobacco industry's products are never useful, they only harm human health. And there has been increasing evidence that the industry's research is problematic; one of our editors opposed banning research funded by tobacco companies as a restriction on free speech, but changed his mind because of that.


Comment Re:Send up some miners (Score -1) 271

Uhh... water can be transmuted into various forms with little energy. You can take silicon and carbon and phospherous and varous other things necessary for human life to be sustained, add water, and you can have a viable environment for human life. Build solar panels to produce electricity, using the titanium on the surface to move that electricity, turn the water and some carbon into Carbonic Acid, which can easily be transmuted into Hydrocarbons (sorry, me, for leaking out details of a secret government operation to turn global warming into a good thing.)
Just becasue theres miners up there dosn't mean they are stupid. They wouldn't need to be stupid. If they are told that it can benefit man kind, then they would go up. Unless his name is Barrack H. Obama.

Comment Why do people measure water as weight? (Score -1) 271

Measuring water as weight seems so totally illogical. I mean, we think of water as gallons, or liters, and have an easier time visualizing it when expressed in gallons or liters instead of as a weight. We all know that we couldn't lift this water, but thats the closest visualization i think most people can adhear to.

Submission + - Is Dark Matter real? (

robinstar1574 writes: "Stars move at speeds faster then the visible matter on them suggests that they would according to Newtons Law of Gravity. Previously, this has been attributed to "Dark Matter", which includes Nutrinos, WIMPs, and Dark Energy. However, what if he was slightly off?

If the second law is correct at all accelerations, a measuring device mounted on the rim should register no anomalous force at these points. However, if MOND is correct, the device should feel an aberrant kick. "We are able to control the conditions to produce the MOND regime in any place at any time," says De Lorenci.

Amazing, don't you agree?"

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Journal Journal: More Scholastic Woes

Yay. Today i got a mouse, a laser style by Microsoft, so now I don't have to use the P.O.S. 1 button mouse that comes standard on all macs. Oh those things suck. Thats about the only good thing that happened to me today.
on a seperate note, some kids do not know how to shut up. This one kid, who started pestering me ever since I brought this computer out and plugged in my new mouse, He kept asking me if I am the Messiah described by the Christian Religeon, Jesus Christ. I am not Jesus Chri

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Journal Journal: Scholastic Woes

I really scorn school, and the unfortunate situations i am currently in. Every teacher sees me as "special". My gym teacher has noticed that i have absolutely no upper body strength, which is unfortunate, but why does the gym teacher try to have me develop my upper body strength? This is my body. I will do to it whatever I want to it, whether or not the helicopter patrol thinks its good for me, thank you very much. I am also given a special retards thing called an IEP (Individual Education Plan)

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