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Submission + - Paper alloy could replace plastic in laptops (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Finally, an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic used in laptop cases and gadget casing in general has been developed by a company called PEGA. It's called Paper PP Alloy, and is manufactured using a combination of recycled paper and polypropylene. Both are easily recycled, and yet together they form a plastic-like alloy that's just as easily molded into complex forms.

All we need now is one or two of the big manufacturers to decide to use it and we could see a revolution in eco-friendly gadget casings.


Submission + - As Cleanup Efforts Grind On, Giant New Earthquake Looms at Fukushima (vice.com)

pigrabbitbear writes: "The massive rumbling energy released in an earthquake is from built-up stress within the Earth’s crust. Aftershocks aside, one might expect that such a release would let grinding tectonic plates chill out for awhile. Unfortunately, at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, seismic risk has increased since last March’s magnitude 9 earthquake. According to a report published in geoscience journal 'Solid Earth,' the massive quake actually reactivated a seismic fault near the plant."

Submission + - Microsoft working to add 3D features to upcoming Xbox (bgr.com)

zacharye writes: Microsoft is working to bring exciting new 3D features to future generations of it wildly popular Xbox gaming and media console. As the world waits for Microsoft to unveil its highly anticipated next-generation Xbox 720, rumors continue to swirl regarding what we might expect from the upcoming Microsoft console. We know it will be more powerful, it will support more impressive graphics and it may focus as much on other forms of home entertainment as it does on gaming. Microsoft has also teased us with the idea of integrated 3D capabilities, and a new job listing suggests the company is still hard at work to make enhanced 3D Xbox gaming a reality...

Submission + - Is Agriculture Sucking Fresh Water Dry? (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: The average American uses enough water each year to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and global agriculture consumes a whopping 92% of all fresh water used annually. Those are the conclusions of the most comprehensive analysis to date of global water use, which also finds that one-fifth of humankind’s water consumption flows across international borders as “virtual water”—the water needed to produce a commodity, such as meat or electronics, if the ultimate consumers were to make it themselves rather than outsource its growth or manufacture.

Submission + - Google facing increased patent misuse attention after Motorola approval (slashgear.com)

walterbyrd writes: "Google’s attitude toward patent licensing – specifically those deemed essential to standards – that have raised issues. In comparison to Apple and Microsoft, “Google’s commitments were more ambiguous and do not provide the same direct confirmation of its SEP [standard essential patent] licensing policies” the DOJ antitrust division said in a statement. (Funny, I thought Google was one of the few US tech giants that doesn't rountinely abuse the US patents system, and US legal system)."

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