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Submission + - Photos: the best of Google Sky (

ickle37 writes: Google added a feature a couple of months ago called Sky — which lets users roam the heavens from its Google Earth application. Effectively turning Google Earth on its head, users are given a view of the sky as seen from Earth where they can view and navigate 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies. has gone through the Hubble slideshow and picked some of the best and weirdest sights in the (Google) Sky...
The Military

Submission + - Boeing, USAF launch supersonic bomb firing tech. (

coondoggie writes: "Boeing and the US Air Force today said they have tested new technology that for the first time will let military aircraft launch bombs from aircraft moving at supersonic speeds. Researchers from Boeing Phantom Works and the Air Force Research Laboratory used a rocket sled in combination with what researchers called "active flow control" to successfully release a smart bomb known as MK-82 Joint Direct Attack Munition Standard Test Vehicle (JDAM) at a speed of about Mach 2 from a weapons bay with a size approximating that of the U.S. Air Force B-1 bomber, Boeing said. Active flow control is a tandem array of microjets upstream of the weapons bay that, when fired reduces the unsteady pressures inside the bay and modifies the flow outside to ensure the JDAM munition travels out of the bay correctly."

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