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Comment Re:Time to rethink carbon emissions (Score 2) 243

We are currently in a period of temporary warming due to the high amount of mid-20th century solar activity. Our conditions in the current period are identical to the temporary warming known as the Medieval Warming Now just as then, global temperatures are controlled by the sun and solar activity.

Our current conditions are not identical to the MWP. The current rate of warming is much faster than during the MWP and it's likely that globally temperatures are warmer now than they were back then.

We are now entering a era of minimal solar activity, identical to the Maunder Minimum which brought about the horrible period of death, disease, and famine known as the Little Ice Age. If history and science has anything to say in the matter, we should be consuming more carbon fuels, and engaging in an expansion of carbon emissions in order to stave off another ice age, another epoch frozen crops, famine, disease, and plague.

There has been some recent research that indicates the main cause of the Little Ice Age was a series of large volcanic eruptions in the 1200s. The Maunder Minimum may have exacerbated the LIA some but probably wasn't a primary cause.

Comment Re:About 1/3 is directly attributed to mankind (Score 2) 243

The answer is: about 1/3 of the noted increase in temperature is directly due to humans, about 1/3 is the result of natural variation, and 1/3 is unaccounted for.

Where did you get those numbers? It sounds like something you just pulled out of a stinky place.

Since the 1950s all known natural causes of temperature change have been slightly declining. That means it is likely that 100% or more of the temperature increase is due to human causes since the 1950s.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 243

In other words, if tree rings don't accurately match modern thermometer readings, how can we expect to rely on them for historical temperature measurements?

Because they did match modern thermometer readings until they started to diverge in the 1960s and other tree ring series continued to match the thermometer readings.

Comment Re:Extreme Weather Events... Like an Ice Age... (Score 3, Informative) 243

The time scale to get an ice age really rolling would be on the order of thousands of years. But don't worry, CO2 levels would have to drop well below 300 ppm before a new ice age could commence. However if the Gulf Stream shuts down it could cause northern Europe to cool down quite a bit.

Comment Re:percentages (Score 1) 279

Finally a study that shows percentages.The politicals have have claimed that climate change is either 100% man-made or 100% natural, depending upon which side of the argument they were on. Reasonable people knew that it had to be a bit of both, but there never seemed to be any studies that showed what the percentages of each it was.

What makes me a bit skeptical of this study is that they're essentially saying that the natural variations for nearly 40 years (since 1979 when the satellites went up) are all in one direction to reduce Arctic sea ice. That would be unusual without some pretty obvious natural factor we could point to that made it happen. I understand there can be large variations from year to year in Arctic sea ice depending on weather. The record low sea ice in 2007 was set up by a weather pattern that transported large amounts of sea ice through the Fram Strait (between Greenland and Svalbard). Other years where that doesn't happen don't see such dramatic changes. But for natural variation to always come down on one side of the ledger there needs to be something pushing it that way.

Comment Re:Scary stuff (Score 1) 279

I have some future oceanfront property in Kansas if anyone is looking.

Unfortunately for you the lowest elevation in Kansas is 679 feet. Even if all of the ice in the world were to melt it would only raise sea levels by around 230 feet. Even if you add in a couple of hundred feet for expansion of the oceans from the water heating up you're still not going to get oceanfront property in Kansas.

Comment Re:I smell a rat...or alternative facts (Score 1) 279

Considering that Antarctic ice has been at record levels the last few years, this seems to correlate pretty well with that...

Except since October of 2016 Antarctic sea ice has be mostly at record low levels.

Interactive sea ice graph

You'll have to click on the "Antarctic" button and use the legend on the right to highlight different years. I suggest you highlight 2016 then start clicking other years on and off to make the comparison.

Comment Re:"10s of millions" for a company as large as UPS (Score 1) 359

The savings don't just get distributed to a handful of executives in UPS. The execs are well paid but not that highly paid compared to the bankers and high profile execs you hear about all the time. The CEO's pay is probably less than $5 million/year but it's been 15 years since I worked for UPS. What the execs and other tech employees do get are stock distributions every year. I got about 1,400 shares in 10 years while I worked for them as a sys admin. I get over $3000/year in dividends from those shares. Those high level executives generally have hundreds of thousands or millions of shares so they're raking in the dividends but the profits get distributed equally on a share by share basis.

Comment Re:Do drivers get dinged for unauthorized lefts? (Score 1) 359

DIAD is short for Delivery Information Acquisition Device. The company I worked for (until I retired last November after 31.5 years) was a subsidiary of UPS bought specifically to bring high tech into the company (they were still tracking packages on paper when they bought us) and we developed the first DIAD back in the late 1980s/early 1990s. They subsequently moved that work in house and eventually sold us to another company that was more in line with our original work.

The other big thing we helped develop for UPS (along with a number of other partners) was the original ADS-B system to help them route the planes landing and taking off at the Louisville Worldport where they land about 250 planes a night (about 1 a minute), unload them, sort the several hundred thousand packages coming in, load them up again and send them back out all in an 8 or 9 hour period. (UPS Air Operations Facts)

One other thing is most people call the delivery vehicles "trucks" but within UPS they're called "package cars". You learn that real quick when you work for them.

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