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Comment Re:Not enough (Score 0, Offtopic) 134

3 hour bus ride? That's a lot of time taken out of a terrorist plot. Do you have any idea how much evil can HAPPEN in three hours? Hot dang. That's a whole 8th of a season. Just ask Jack Bauer.

3 hours is a lot if this was going to be a hit and run attack like done recently in Taj hotel and elsewhere. But you have the understand the complete context here. India has had attacks which were done much differently. There have been cases when the terrorists were *in* India for days and sometimes months. Some of those attacks have cost more lives (mumbai train blasts come to my mind) than the recent one. And these attacks are much more common.

So, yes, you are right if the cops are only targeting Taj Mahal sort of attacks. But thats 'not enough', as I said.

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