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Submission + - Ars Technica loses Facebook page (

rilian4 writes: I've been following the ongoing thread over at ars that their facebook page has been blocked with apparently no recourse. Many posters there have detailed their own sagas of inability to address grievances either with facebook blocking pages or w/ other users harrassing them, etc.

Late breaking updates suggest that the size of ars has made facebook sit up and take notice but their facebook page is still down and they have not been given much to go on.


Parrots Teach Man To Speak Again Screenshot-sm 5

After a tragic accident 14 years ago, doctors said Brian Wilson would spend the rest of his life in bed, and would never talk again. The two birds he had kept as pets since a child had other ideas. Brian has been taught to speak again by the parrots. "Two birds taught me to talk again," he said. "I had such a bad head injury I was never supposed to talk any more than a two-year-old. Then all of a sudden, a word popped out, then two, then more." Mr. Wilson's recovery has amazed doctors, and his only difficulties now appear to be his excessive need to be reassured that he is a "pretty bird," and his cracker diet.

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