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Journal Journal: New Place, Again!

I'm at a new employer. Again! So far so good!

My new job is in Lexington, a mere six miles from where I live. If all goes well, it'll rise up to be the best commute I've ever had!

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Journal Journal: Still Here

I find it amusing that my last post is about me getting a new job. I'm reporting that I'm still at that job (doing web development for a large video game studio). I'm still walking the technical beat, and I don't see that finishing anytime soon, if I can help it!

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Journal Journal: Hello from 2012

Big scoop. I'm going to be changing jobs over the next few weeks. In the wake of my current employer's acquisition, I started an outside job search. Guess what? I got hired again! I'm going to try to keep this employment thing going for as long as I can!

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Journal Journal: Hello from The Year 2007

Just posting to the year 2007. Karma still positive, but my Slashdot viewing's been down. Hey, what can you do? Peace!
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Journal Journal: Joined Xanga and MySpace

So I joined MySpace and Xanga. Just to increase my web presence. It's all about the hits and page views, right?
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Journal Journal: Still Here!

Still reading /. God help me! Just posted a comment to an article about the DVORAK keyboard. Sheesh!
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Journal Journal: Second Submission Rejected

The secret may be volume. :-) But my submission on the "youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)" was denied. Two strikes! (But a third won't mean I'm out.)
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Journal Journal: First Mod Points

Yesterday, I was given moderator points for the first time! I'm psyched! Last night, in a glow of positive Slashdot karma, I bought a $5 subscription. Nice!

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