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Comment Re:Small correction - not hosting (Score 5, Insightful) 164

No, we're a party of civil rights.

We think it's wrong for private companies to spy on your Internet traffic and that copyright infringement should not render prison sentences. From this follows that it becomes impossible to enforce the copyright monopoly unless of course someone starts copying to sell - it's always much easier to follow the money. The obvious corollary to this is of course that it becomes legal to download songs and movies off the Internet. Like it already is in Spain, for example. And somehow, the Spanish movie industry flourishes. Coincidentally, a continued rise in file-sharing happens to correspond to increased sales of music and film in Sweden while movie theatres scored yet another record year. Obviously, they still get paid so your basic premise is flawed.

So, please tell me why we would give up our civil liberties because Hollywood wants to control how and when we watch movies?

Comment Small correction - not hosting (Score 5, Informative) 164

We're not hosting TPB, we're just routing traffic to them. Just like an ISP. Serious Tubes routes traffic to the Pirate Party, so they're even more removed. But, last night, Portlane, one of the ISPs that routes traffic to Serious Tubes, was pressured into cutting their transit to ST, even if they were just a provider to a provider to a provider to TPB.

Comment Gah. (Score 4, Informative) 175

the printer’s fuser – which is designed to dry the ink once it’s applied to paper

Stupid submitter makes my head hurt.

There is no ink in laser printers. There is toner, a bone-dry powder that is fused to the paper by the fuser, generally a very warm cylinder.

Ink-jet printers use ink, but those droplets are so small they dry into the paper without having to be heated.

Facts, use them.

Comment Re:This is not unique. (Score 1) 622

I think you're mixing copyright, patents and trademarks. They are actually quite different in scope, subject matter and duration so please try to keep them apart. From your description, I'd guess that your story concerned a trademark. The USPTO can very well deny a trademark application for a name that can be mistaken for a name already registered in a different, but similar, category. Or grant it, as you say it's a bit of a crapshoot.

One real-world example: Apple Records could not keep Apple Computer from trademarking their name until Apple Computer went into the music business with iTunes. It's still not the same category (record company/recording vs music distribution/sales) but close enough to possibly cause confusion and a court date.

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