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The Internet

Submission + - What did people do on the internet before the Web? ( 3

ribuck writes: "The web wasn't invented until 1989, and didn't really catch on until 1993 when the Mosaic browser was released. But the internet is much older than the web. So how did people use the internet in the good old pre-web days? There was email, of course, and FTP, and also a bunch of other interesting protocols. If HTTP and HTML hadn't come along, we might just have enhanced Gopher instead. Many of the pre-web protocols are still in active use, but sometimes it's only nostalgia that keeps them going. Try typing finger at the command line to see how blogging works using steam technology."

Gaming Netflix Ratings? 235

Nom du Keyboard writes "Not for the first time, I've noticed a new film that hasn't yet even reached the theaters, yet has hundreds of positive votes and/or reviews recorded on Netflix. This time the movie is Inkheart. For a movie that doesn't even hit the theaters until January 23, it already has 428 votes and a rating of 4.3 (out of 5) on Netflix. Seems more than a bit fraudulent to me. Also, it has a review that doesn't even review the movie, but instead says the books are great, therefore the movie should be too. Does the word 'shills' come to mind? With millions spent to promote a movie, are a few hundred of that going to phony voters? Or have that many people actually seen the film and just can't wait to rush home and log onto Netflix to vote? Just what is Netflix's responsibility here to provide honest ratings?"

Submission + - A state with no iPhones 3

gkearney writes: "As a developer of Macintosh software I thought I would like to undertake development on the iPhone platform as well. To that end I looked into the purchase of an iPhone and the AT&T service. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I am not allowed to buy an iPhone or AT&T service, why is this you might ask? It is because I live in the state of Wyoming which has no AT&T service at all.

Wyoming has only "Partner" service and according to AT&T and according to them "Excessive use of Partner coverage may subject your service to early termination." So even if I went to another state and got an iPhone I would not be able to use it in Wyoming.

AT&T informs me that there is no service in Wyoming nor do they ever plan on offering any in the future. So in effect AT&T, and by extension Apple, are saying that if you live in Wyoming you can not permitted to have an iPhone.

Here is my question, given that there is no ATT service in Wyoming and according to AT&T there never will be, will Apple sell me one of the "unlocked" iPhone they sell in Hong Kong to use on one of the services wwe do have here? Would that even work?

Was Apple aware that a whole state was not served by AT&T Wireless? What are Apple customers in Wyoming supposed to do if they want an iPhone?

Greg Kearney"

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