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Comment SQL injection detection (Score 1) 156

I've thought about such a tool for detecting SQL injection. Essentially, you have a whitelist of SELECT statement "diagrams" stored somewhere. Before running a query, you generate a diagram of the current statement and check it against the diagram.

Of course a better investment would be to write your code the right way first...

The Internet

Submission + - Road Runner's wildcard DNS service a privacy risk (

rgovostes writes: "Road Runner recently added a wildcard DNS record to redirect typo'd URLs to an ad-ridden web portal much like VeriSign's failed Site Finder, discussed many times on Slashdot. I poked at the service on my blog and found reasons for security and privacy concerns, such as geographical tracking of users and unauthenticated preference changes.

Affected customers can opt-out on the preferences page. That is, if someone else doesn't do it for you."

Utilities (Apple)

Submission + - Adium code forked over Leopard Dispute (

admiralfrijole writes: Earlier this week, several people opened tickets against Adium crashes occurring in the latest Leopard Beta, which started a veritable firestorm of controversy that included discussions of GPL violations, disabling features, and quite a spat across no less than 3 different IRC channels.

Today, one of the people who filed a ticket and was told that it would not be fixed until Leopard ships announced on his blog that he, and several other unnamed individuals, have forked Adium to create

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