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Emulation (Games)

GBA Emulator Released For the DSi 66

Busshy writes "Darkchen has released a Gameboy Advance emulator for the Nintendo DS/DSi that plays full speed with frameskip. This can only be played with the homebrew dev cart, the DS iPlayer. The emulator adds save states, cheats and tools to GBA games, and for DSi Fans the ability to finally get over the loss of the GBA Slot on the DSi."

Submission + - PS3 hits petaflop performance of Stanford computer

Stony Stevenson writes: PS3 owners who have linked the third-generation videogame console to the University's distributed computing project have driven the medial research system to a peak of one petaflop, Sony said Friday.

Since March 15, nearly 600,000 PS3 owners have joined Stanford's Folding@home program, which studies proteins to understand their role in Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, and other diseases. The PS3's computing power in conjunction with about 200,000 other computers on the network have pushed the system to one quadrillion floating-point operations per second.

"Thanks to PS3, we are now essentially able to fast-forward several aspects of our research by a decade, which will greatly help us make more discoveries and advancements in our studies of several different diseases," said Vijay Pande, associate professor at Stanford and Folding@home project.

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