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Submission + - WSJ: Interactive Tool Shows What's Shared About You (wsj.com)

retroworks writes: "The Wall Street Journal has a front page report, "They Know What Your Shopping For", which details the erosion of privacy in regards to consumer shopping habits. Companies like Dataium sell our browsing habits, and in this interactive tool, the WSJ names names — what personal information is shared about you (email, birthdate, name, etc.) by Yahoo, Ask.com, WebMD, Youtube, etc. And they include WSJ.com as well. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324784404578143144132736214.html?mod=WSJ_WhatTheyKnowPrivacy_LeftTopNews#project%3DANONYMITY1212%26articleTabs%3Dinteractive"

Submission + - WSJ Covers Tor outside Firewall (wsj.com)

retroworks writes: "Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal does a mostly sympathetic portrayal of the Tor browser, despite leading with a cautionary allegory. William Weber of Austria allowed his computer to be used as a Tor server, and was arrested on November 28 for possession of child pornography — evidently streamed through his PC by another TOR user."

Submission + - CNET, IDC find Rapid Increase in Behavioral Data Tracking (cnet.com)

retroworks writes: "According to columnist Elinor Mills at CNET, efforts to track consumer browsing behavior are "rising dramatically". In an interview with data mining company Krux.com CEO Gordon McLeod, advertising targeted at browsing habits has increased fourfold since 2010. IDC, according to McLeod, projects the browser-search-term-targeted advertising industry to grow from "zero to $5 billion in less than 5 years". Will health insurance companies see us crawling for information on family illnesses? After reading the article, I went hunting for a download of 2008 program antiphormlite , and found nothing remaining at any download site (including CNET). Is there another "cookie camouflage" alternative to polluting the cookie stream with false positives? Or are we left to "do not track" pledges and trusting TOR redirectors?"

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