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Submission + - Consumer Electronics Association head Gary Shapiro Pleas for Immigration Sanity (

retroworks writes: "CEA President Gary Shapiro writes in that both parties in the USA Congress have admitted to shirking immigration reform, impacting the USA Tech Sector by sending the "best and brightest to the back of the line". Rep. Lamar Smith’s STEM Jobs Act would have reallocated 55,000 green cards to foreign-born graduates with advanced degrees in science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM). "By deciding we don't want to keep the world's best and brightest, we squandered an easy, no-cost and long-term boost to our economy." said Shapiro, saying that he "cried for America.."
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Submission + - Mercedes Benz executive arrested in Alabama (

retroworks writes: "The Economist and Chicago Tribune both report a major arrest of an illegal immigrant under Alabama's new "anti-immigration" law. An executive of Mercedes Benz (which has a factory in Alabama employing "tens of thousands) was arrested under HB 56, which requires officers by law to arrest "suspected" illegal immigrants. The law also makes any sale of goods, rent of apartment, or monetary transaction with an "illegal" a crime in Alabama... so state natives may suffer a similar fate. While courts have tried to strike down some of these "derivative" crimes, the Economist notes that a "severability" clause inserted by the legislature makes the law stay in force during such appeals. A study by the University of Alabama estimates economic loss from the legislation at $10.8 billion per year."

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