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Submission + - Mozilla to turn its back on Tiger (

Barence writes: Mozilla is ready to exorcise support for Mac OS X 10.4 from Firefox's development code, closing the door on Apple's ageing OS. The foundation stopped supporting 10.4, codenamed Tiger, in September 2009, but, according to Josh Aas, a Mozilla platform engineer, "we left much of the code required to support that platform in the tree in case we wanted to reverse that decision." We have come to a point where we need to make a final decision and either restore 10.4 support or remove this (large) amount of 10.4 specific code," he notes on the Mozilla developer planning forum.

Submission + - Largest Russian Online Library silently blocked 2

An anonymous reader writes: Largest Russian Online Library silently blocked by US ISPs.

Let's admit it — some of it is a "pirated" content. But, this has never been challenged in court. Library registered in the Ecuador, country that doesn't have any bad law like DMCA. So, there is no way to sue that library without bombing the whole country. But ISPs in US found the way — they just block IP addresses without even telling you. To this moment there are at least 2 ISPs that block your access — Surewest and Bell. Try yourself to check if your provider is a bad guy:

Hail the censorship! Ditch the free speech! US people, welcome to North Korea!

Submission + - TCS website hacked

kai_hiwatari writes: The official website of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India's largest IT company, was hacked yesterday morning. A "For Sale" sign with a email id sign been put up in the company's website. Althought the hack appears to be a DNS Hijack, it is bound to send a very bad impression of a billion dollar company which makes softwares for other companies.
Details of the hack are also reported in Digitizor and Techie-Buzz.

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