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Feed Techdirt: AT&T Wants To Throw Some FCC Roadblocks Into Sprint, Clearwire Joint Venture (

In a move that is clearly designed to just piss off and waste the resources of a competitor, ATT has filed papers with the FCC opposing Sprint and Clearwire's plan to merge their WiMax divisions, which was announced a few months ago (found via Broadband Reports. Of course, ATT has a chummy relationship with the FCC, who has allowed it to merge with telco after telco without many real conditions (and even telling it that it can ignore some of the conditions it agreed to to get those mergers approved).

In this case, ATT claims that it isn't really opposed to the merger, but it's filing opposition papers because it feels that Sprint and Clearwire aren't receiving the same level of scrutiny that ATT received in its mergers, specifically with regards to it spectrum holdings. This seems like grasping at straws by ATT just to throw some sort of extra paperwork roadblock in the path of the new Clearwire, which is an obvious competitor.

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Submission + - P2P file-sharing study released by Industry Canada

Techie Coward writes: Industry Canada has released a study regarding the effect of P2P file-sharing on CD purchases. The study concludes that P2P file-sharing does not have an overall positive or negative effect on CD sales. Additionaly, the study finds that among those who do download, those who download more purchase more CDs, and that the price of CDs has no overall effect on CD sales.

Submission + - YouTube Censorship again (

renegadesx writes: The creationist ministry Creation Science Evangelism has been filing false DMCA claims against certain YouTube members in what appears to be an attempt to silence all critics.

Creation Science Evangelism is the ministry started by Kent Hovind, who is currently serving a 10 year sentence for tax evasion and is now day to day operations are run by Eric Hovind.

Recently YouTube user "RabidApe" was suspended after multiple DMCA claims had been filed against his videos. Recently the Rational Response Squad tried to send messages and email YouTube notifying them on this matter and as a result have too had their account suspended.

It should be noted that Kent Hovind states many times in his material that his ministry do not copyright their material, essentially making all their content public domain. Also it should be noted if there was any copyrighted content, RabidApe and the Rational Response Squad used the material under "Fair use" for purposes of satire.

Their website has since made a recent change to their website stating their material is copyrighted effective January 2005. However they do not have any registered copyrights making these claims false.

YouTube has yet to release a statement and one is not likely. Rational Response Squad is currently considering legal action against Creation Science Evangelism as the number of false DMCA claims filed do class as a felony charge.

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