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Comment Re:Mathematicians just need to shutup. (Score 1) 572

Far too many people think they aren't allowed to have any weaknesses (and we all do in some area or another) so they talk a big game, and when push comes to shove, they will actively block people who actually know more than they do about the subject at hand.

In my experience, the size of the game they talk is inversely proportional to the amount of real knowledge they have. In response to the title of the thread, George Boole - Mathematician.

Comment Re:Special Treatment for Kenyan in the White House (Score 1) 783

To finalize and really make myself clear.

Racism exists indeed in that some people dislike other people because they are of a different race. This is clear.

The invention I am talking about is when media and politicians tag xenophobia - as in someone who is suspicious of another person because that person is different, or a stranger, or not part of the group, in other words: an alien - as racism.

I think that while commonly used interchangeably, the two concepts are different. One is stupid because I'm not even sure a concept such as race can be defined scientifically. The other is a natural reaction of almost all living beings I can remember. Mixing the two does not, in my opinion, wield good results. It only makes people confused because while they feel they're entitled to distrust strangers because they are strangers, they don't like to be labeled racists because they're not.

Racism is the by-product of pseudo-scientific victorian anthropology made by arrogant 19th century imperialists and can't really exist if people are really scientifically educated. Xenophobia is a natural defense reaction that can gradually be lowered by mutual demonstrations of trust and good intentions by both host and guest.

This is what I meant. I am sorry if I failed to present my arguments in a compelling way but I can't stop myself from thinking if the same thing I'm trying to expose - the taboo about facing both concepts and differentiate between them - isn't the very thing that was stopping you from actually getting to see my point in the first place.

As for the dolphins, it was indeed irrelevant and was meant as a personal attack which clearly failed to deliver. Serves me right for trusting what the tv says. I apologize.

Comment Re:Argument (Score 2, Insightful) 90

We all know that contributing upstream bandwidth that you're already paying for anyways is NOT the same as paying $10 for a DVD, otherwise we would be doing that.

Many times I see people keep on seeding, even if the file is in multiple small RAR files (yes, some morons still distribute gigabyte files formatted for floppies). Those RAR files are utterly useless once their content has been extracted, and take up valuable hard disk space, yet people still leave them there and the torrent program - which also consumes resources - running.

Also, given the choice, I'd rather pay $20 to a pirate than $10 to a media company, since the latter will use the money against me. It is unwise to fund your enemies.

And that an encoding and seeding job can be done by one person or a small team but lead to thousands of people getting it, so yes it is a "tiny subset" that contributes meaningful work (time and effort to encode and edit), while most 'contribute' something that requires no effort on their part.

Apparently there's enough people contributing their efforts that everything that gets released in a digital format - and many things that got released in analog ones - appear on P2P within days of their release, if not earlier, usually multiple times. The reason there's no more people ripping movies and disinfecting software is that even the current labour force is ridiculously oversized relative to the task.

Nearly everyone in P2P community contributes everything they can be reasonably expected to, and many people far in excess of that. It is your argument that is absurd, saying that people dublicating effort only 2-5 times rather than 1000 times over makes them freeloaders.

And while I think copyright laws are too strict and prosecuting for reverse-engineering is horrible, I have to rage a bit at the "evil corporations pay only a small % of sales to artists, so it's okay to copy" argument. What percentage of money from P2P downloads go to the artist? What is 1% of zero?

I haven't made any such argument. I'm against copyright simply because it is sick that our entire society and communication technology is getting twisted out of shape just to financially benefit people who make pop songs. And, as the secret ACTA negotiation process once again demonstrates, it seems impossible to have copyright that stays reasonable, I say we're better off without it.

Comment bookstores (Score 1) 272

I buy books from Barnes and Nobles, not Amazon, because I like to support brick and mortar book stores. I buy both online and in the store.

Why aren't you buying from locally owned small bookstores instead of B&N? Amazon and Barnes and Noble are both big box stores that caused some small businesses to close.


Comment Re:Great defence! (Score 1) 328

Taken the Voight-Kampff lately? Maybe it's just your ugly language. "Defective". "Deformed". "Faulty". What a way to describe human beings!

And what's the point of your quest? You say: it "does nothing but weaken us, as a race". Is our race weak? We certainly don't seem to be circling the drain as a species at the moment - in fact we're thriving in plague numbers. Numbers enough to share our resources with people who can't help themselves.

Stop trying to perfect the human race. All we need is for most of us to be OK enough. And we are, more or less.

Comment Re:Great defence! (Score 1) 328

I'd say yep. I'd probably suggest he change his name and move though. I'd imagine he'd need a lot of counseling afterward.
I suppose I should have said the only good reason for prison is to stop people from doing bad things. Reducing re-offending is most of it. Making an example is a tiny bit. Min I think the latter half should be done through education.

People going around not-murdering because they could get caught and get prison time are scary either way. That type of person is a short burt of adrenaline away from murdering someone.

Comment Re:Great defence! (Score 1) 328

You say "revenge" - I would have said "justice". But perhaps they should be two separate points on the list.

We all do everything we do because of our brains, and none of our brains are perfect. The real question is whether the person is responsible for their crime. With some types of brain damage or mental illnesses then, no, of course they aren't. But you wouldn't say "This person has naturally high testosterone levels and he can't help being agressive so his sentence should be lighter". It helps us to know why some people are more agressive - but we need to accept that humans vary in what they are. Otherwise we will be on our way to diagnosing anyone who isn't a happy, uncritical extrovert as having "a brain abnormality"

Comment Re:(Mostly) Americans misunderstanding Japanese. (Score 1) 252

I don't see how this follows. The jobs aren't moving to Japan, they're moving to India, Mexico, and China. Not to mention that the logical leap from a "difference in attitudes toward attendance" to it being a cause for why jobs are leaving America is about as large and random as it gets. Wild guess is that the reason just might have to do with drastically different wages... and if you can propose a mechanism how better attendance in school leads to lower wages, I'll be very impressed.

Note: I'm an American, and I skipped classes from time to time. For what it's worth, in a number of classes I did *worse* in classes where I attended recitations (quantum mechanics in particular) because they just gave out all the answers to the homework and I had no reason to actually try to learn anything. Sure, I did better on the homework, but what's the point in getting an "A" if you don't remember a thing four years later?

Comment pr0n (Score 1) 381

Give them pr0n. Everybody likes pr0n. EVERYBODY. They might pretend to be shocked or aghast, but they like it.

Now, the real social blunder to watch for is the type of pr0n you give people. You have to watch them very closely and get in their head to get this one right. You don't want to give grandma donkey pr0n when she is really into GILF on GILF action. If in doubt, get some orgy pr0n, since there is likely to be something in there that....titilates.

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