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Submission + - French deputies moving against Photoshoped ads (google.com)

Psychophrenes writes: "A number of french deputies are proposing to pass a law requiring all published photos that were modified by means of an image manipulation program to include a statement indicating that "the photo was altered in order to modify the appearance of a person".
This indication is to be mandatory on all ads, packaging images, political posters and even art photos, and is considered a matter of public health, aimed at fighting anorexia.

The related article is in french."

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Submission + - Opera Mini 5 beats most other mobile browsers in s (recombu.com)

andylim writes: Today Opera launched Opera Mini 5 beta, the latest version of its very popular mobile browser. Unlike most mobile browsers, Opera Mini compresses pages on a server first, making loading times faster. To see exactly how fast Opera Mini 5 is though, Recombu.com timed it against the iPhone browser, a BlackBerry browser, a Nokia browser and an Android browser. The results are surprising, as Opera Mini beats most of the competition by a significant lead. It's only the iPhone's browser that seems to be able to match its speed.

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