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Submission + - NETGEAR defeats Fujitsu, LG and Philips in 802.11

An anonymous reader writes: Last Friday, Judge Barbara Crabb ruled that a bulk of NETGEAR's 802.11-compliant patents did not infringe three patents owned by Fujitsu, LG and Philips. The patents were part of a patent licensing pool controlled by VIA Licensing that VIA claims were "essential" to any products compliant with the 802.11 Standard. The three patents: 6,018,642, (power-saving) 6,469,993, (WMM) and 4,975,952. (Fragmentation).

The Judge ruled that the companies failed to introduce âoesufficient evidence to allow a reasonable jury to findâ the âoeaccused products infringe any of the asserted claims.â The plaintiffs also lost an earlier ruling in which the Judge said, in fact, most of the asserted claims of the plaintiffs' patents were not essential to 802.11-compliant products.

The case is Fujitsu Ltd. v. Netgear Inc.,, in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Wisconsin (Madison, WI).

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