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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Last Week WOW Queue Estimated at 89 Years

An anonymous reader writes: Did anyone notice a skyrocket in queue times for World of Warcraft since the 2.0 patch? A few people have, including the Dailytech site owner Kris Kubicki. Kris plotted the waitlist times for his server and extrapolated it over the other high population servers. His estimates put the total amount of time WOW gamers spent over the last 9 days at approximately 89 years worth of wait time!

Comment Re:odd (Score 3, Interesting) 244

I think its more of a total pipeline issue. When you look at software development tools coming from a largely US based company (MS for example) you've got a defined pipeline for development process. You've got IDE project templates. You've got command line tools that you can batch process files on as part of your build process. It's just more integrated. Looking at the solutions that come from Sony or Nintendo (though Nintendo is way better at this than Sony) you tend to get a loose collection of tools that aren't really integrated. This means you have to create all of the glue in-between each layer. That takes time and engineering effort. Sometimes this means greater flexibility, but again, it's all about how much time do you want to spend for your flexibility?

Honestly, developers don't want to re-create the wheel each time for their build processes, but these kinds of things end up forcing that on them. The first chance they have to jettison it, they're going to.

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