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The Future of Independent Game Development 35

The Guardian's Games Blog has an article discussing where indie game development will go in the next few years after its recent resurgence. The story follows the success of one small game studio, and suggests that the games industry will move to further embrace low-cost development. Quoting: "The likes of XBLA, ... PSN and WiiWare represent a reasonable revenue stream for publishers and developers, especially with a recession looming. However, in-house staff may not have the skills required to punch out cool, hugely intuitive budget games, with little or no management. If you look at something like Geometry Wars from Bizarre Creations, the project was started in the free time of experienced coder Stephen Cakebread, and may never have happened had he been shunted on to different, larger projects. Instead, big industry players are reaching out to the indie scene to source talent."
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Submission + - Small ISP to RIAA, "I ask for their billing ad (

Bunderfeld writes: "A Small ISP in Louisiana isn't going to be a lackey for the RIAA without a fight. Jerry Scroggin, owner of Bayou Internet and Communications says he won't be doing the RIAA's work when it comes to finding file sharers. According to Scroggin, if RIAA representatives ask the help of his ISP, they had better bring their checkbook--and leave the legal threats at home. Scroggin said that he receives several notices each month with requests that he remove suspected file sharers from his network. Each time, he gets such a notice from an entertainment company, he sends the same reply.

"I ask for their billing address," Scroggin said. "Usually, I never hear back."

CNET obtained a copy of the notices being sent out.

Looks like the RIAA might have over-extended their welcome with small ISP's. The cost of running down every request would put them out of business. What's the RIAA to do?"


Submission + - SPAM: NSA Patents a Way To Spot Network Snoops

narramissic writes: "The National Security Agency has patented a technique for figuring out whether someone is messing with your network by measuring the amount of time it takes to send different types of data and sounding an alert if something takes too long. 'The neat thing about this particular patent is that they look at the differences between the network layers,' said Tadayoshi Kohno, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Washington. But IOActive security researcher Dan Kaminsky wasn't so impressed: 'Think of it as — if your network gets a little slower, maybe a bad guy has physically inserted a device that is intercepting and retransmitting packets. Sure, that's possible. Or perhaps you're routing through a slower path for one of a billion reasons.'"
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Submission + - Security flaws in Aussie net filter exposed ( 2

Faldo writes: "There's a three part interview with a computer security expert on BanThisURL that goes into the flaws in the Aussie net filtering scheme.

In addition to SSH tunnels and proxies, more worrying problems like trojaning the boxes to set up man in the middle attacks (which the interviewee has done in his lab), cross site scripting and the Australian blacklist leaking are all discussed.

Worrying and relevant, especially since Thailand's blacklist has just been leaked."


Submission + - Site uses swimsuit models to support F/OSS and CC (

mamono writes: "What's better than women in swimsuits? Women in swimsuits supporting open-source software with photos released under a Creative Commons license. is donating 10% of proceeds to open-source software and releasing all photos under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license. The operator's goal is to purchase property for a green, self-sustainable lifestyle. The site is described as the opposite of the Million Dollar Home Page where, rather than purchasing pixels to be put on a large image, you purchase blocks of pixels of a black image to uncover the swimsuit model underneath. Buyers are allowed to place ads on the page(s) of the model they "sponsor."

The press release can be found here."

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