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Comment Re:cfdisk /dev/sdb; mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 (Score 3, Insightful) 322

I can confirm that this works - I have a usb drive w one fat partition and one ext3. The fat one contains putty, winscp and stuff like that, plus a private ssh key. The ext3 one contains another private ssh key, plus a private gpg key. Never had any problems with windows trying to do anything with the ext3 partition. Linux mounts both of them :)

Comment Re:Good for us Sellers (Score 5, Insightful) 171

Why should convicted felons lose the right to vote? What really is the point? Once the sentence is served, the convict should be considered a free man again, with the same rights and responsibilities. If that is deemed inappropriate, he should still be in prison. Why have second class citizenship?

Comment The desktop is dead (Score 1) 1348

The Linux desktop is dead. Not because Linux sucks, but because the desktop as an important arena for killer apps, is dead. All the killer apps of the latest 10 years have been web based; facebook, twitter, blogging, wikipedia, google mail, google maps, etherpad... The only usage of the desktop nowdays is as a boot loader for a web browser.

Linux, or free software in general, as a delivery platform for killer apps, however, is live and well. Google uses Linux. Wikipedia uses Linux, Facebook uses Linux.

Comment Re:How long do you want your ID to last? (Score 2, Interesting) 145

That can be fixed by using some kind of error recovery code. But I still don't see the utility of this. It's just a ROM with random content for every device.

If all you want is random content on my machine that I send multiple times to you, it can be stored in normal undamaged flash and generated in a multitude of ways.

If all you want is data I can't change, on my general purpose machine, sorry, that's not gonna happen - I can just swap the whole chip (or even the whole machine).

if all you want is data I can't change, on my machine that you sold me, you can just use ordinary ROM.

Comment Re:Two Wrongs. . . (Score 4, Interesting) 315

The US and UK are common law countries, and I think that this is something that might differ between common law and civil law (so France might be up to bad stuff here).

In Sweden (a civil law country), we have freedom of evidence - anything can be presented in court as evidence, regardless of how it was obtained. If the police somehow obtains evidence illegaly (e.g. through burglary), that will be prosecuted separately. Since this second case does not affect the original court case, nor is affected by it, the police man / upper chain of command ordering the illegal act will get punished regardless of if the original case is thrown out or the defendant found guilty.

Comment Digital Radio goes over GSM damnit! (Score 1) 134

A few days ago I had to get out to a customers' site and rode a taxi there. The taxi driver was a bit talkative, and we ended up discussing his music system - an iPod connected to his car stereo, playing some online station [from random foreign country]. It got it internet connection over wifi from a base-station in his trunk. The base station in turn was hooked up using 3g gsm (the reason for the base station is that there are data-only phone plans that are way cheaper than running your data over your normal phone GSM account herabouts, and that that way he could also hook up his laptop).

In my boat I have a similar solution but with a CDMA-over 450Mhz (the old analog mobile phone frequency) based router, with about the same performance but better coverage out at sea.

Why pervert the normal radio frequencies with digital junk? They're needed for situations where all you have is that old receiver and a reception from hell and really really, badly need that weather report...

Comment Re:Slashvert (Score 1) 536

And... why the hell didn't you tell her how other people (you, that other guy) perceived her behavior? I mean, the second time when she stayed w you for two days? You know, people don't always know or understand how they are perceived, and if no-one tells them, on a friend-to-friend basis, how are they ever to learn? You should have been very specific too, pointed out things she'd said or done, and then how you interpreted that (knowing now that your interpretation was wrong), then asking her to analyze why you where mislead and why she behaved like she did.

To summarize: Why don't people just _talk_ about stuff like this??!?

Comment Re:I laugh too (Score 1) 228

Sorry, but he seems to have this time.

He generally seems to have a clue about random stuff. Like he has actually read, and commented on, the political platform of the Swedish political party Piratpartiet. I have, as a direct concequence of his comments, made a motion about sourcecode escrow for our annual meeting this month.

Comment Re:On Stallman (Score 2, Insightful) 228

By using the phrase "other peoples" you define the ownership, and any observations about people not respecting said ownership is therefor a tautology.

To apreciate the arguments of both sides, please consider a clean slate - that is, a world without any laws but the ones of physics.

Anything on top of that is a social construct, which might or might not be useful.

To examplify your fallacy: consider the opposite argument "Nothing is new under the sun, all creative work naturally includes inspiration and parts from previous works. Locking new works under a monopoly to reproduce is theft from the collective".

Now, I don't expect you to accept that argument, certainly not, but from a pure logical point of view it is as true as yours. They just happen to be incompatible. So, to derive any kind of objective truth in this matter, the source of the argument must come from outside the domains of these two statements.

Comment Re:How about lying? (Score 1) 210

Then they'd have to prove that it is a lie.

Also, several international NGOs have reviewed the document and attested that it seems to be the real thing, given correspondence to previously leaked chapters, the style of writing the stakeholders and other information in the document.

Comment Re:typical (Score 2, Informative) 99

Ok, it only works for Linux/UNIX, but.. It's called X. I was doing this using a physical X station (X 11R5, from DEC) connecting to my Linux desktop, sometime around 1998, and it was _old_ tech by then - I had been given the X station by the local uni computer club, which had gotten it from some institution way earlier...

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