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Comment Re:Technical Features Rather Than Content (Score 1) 121

Even if I wanted to spend that kind of money to buy a television, I damned sure wouldn't buy it from Amazon. They'd probably want to ship it by USPS (like 95% of their orders nowadays), and I can't trust the USPS on an item that valuable. No, this would be a go to the store and bring it back home purchase.

The glory days for Amazon are gone since their partnership with the devil.

Comment Re:easily 80 to 100 processors (Score 1) 31

Did you miss the part where he said, "it's in shop every few months with some sensor or electronic wizbang gizmo gone bad or acting up"?

Okay, now imagine a self-driving car with sensors that are that unreliable. Instead of having a car that won't start or that has some minor function not working, you have a car that takes itself over a cliff with you and your family inside.

I can tolerate a few annoyances, but I draw the line at death.

Comment Re: I like how they lie and call this homegrown (Score 1) 676

You'd like that, wouldn't you, Mr. ISIS?

I don't understand the logic of disarming your people to prevent terrorists attacks by people who will always be able to get weapons.

ISIS doesn't have to steal firearms; they can just bring them across the wide-open borders we have.

We're being set up for a tragedy of Biblical proportions and most of you can't even see it.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1, Insightful) 608

Religious freedom can go only so far. If your religion specifically tells you to kill non-believers, then maybe, just maybe, the rest of the citizens might want to watch you very closely or even curtail your activities.

In other words, Muslims have said they would bomb and kill "infidels", and so far they've lived up to their word. Only a damned fool stands around waiting to be killed after he's threatened with death. And I'm certainly not holding my breath until they become civilized.

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 1) 585

What I see is that the inmates are trying to run the asylum. College students are in school to learn, not teach, even if they think they know it all already. I don't care if you are 20 or 22. You're still a child to me, and an unruly one at that.

I'm for raising the voting age to 30. You should have some life experience before you're allowed to help decide anything.

And get the fuck off my lawn!!

Comment Re:I wonder if they're going to use this as "proof (Score 1) 657

That's insane. The thugs steal from the poor more often than they steal from the rich, mainly because they are close by and usually unarmed. There are thugs out there who will kill you for a few dollars. They don't care who you are or how much money you have.

And far, far more blacks are killed by other blacks than by law enforcement, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe.

I know a lot of cops. There are rich ones, poor ones, black ones, white ones, and everything in between. Most are salt of the Earth and a few shouldn't be trusted with any authority at all. They're just like everybody else trying to do a job and make it to retirement.

Comment It simply won't work (Score 1) 615

Sooner or later trucks have to leave the interstates and major highways. Ever watch an 18-wheeler going through a small city? Ever notice how much skill is involved making those tight turns? Sometimes the trucks have to move over into the left lane just to get turned to the right. Will a computer-controlled rig do that? And sometimes even the most skilled driver gets his rig into a spot where he has to back up several times and try again and again. Can a computer even come close to that kind of skill? Can a computer back a truck into the dock behind your local supermarket when space is barely available to maneuver? Even some truck drivers wince at doing that.

No, I'm not a truck driver, but I do have over 2 million miles of driving experience. I've just about seen it all. I get the notion that whoever comes up with these hair-brained ideas hasn't.

Comment What's with all these "kinds" of music? (Score 2) 361

There are exactly two different kinds of music - good music and bad music. What makes music good or bad is left up to the individual - everybody has different opinions.

I'm 62, from a small town in Alabama, a child in the fifties, high school in the late sixties, college in the early seventies, and guess what? I like it all! From classical to the latest, there's good to be found (and a LOT of crap). There's even good and bad music from the same artist, e.g. Eric Clapton early was great, but kinda lame later.

I usually listen to music played randomly from my collection. You could hear an old bluegrass song followed by Nirvana followed by Bach followed by a gospel song followed by a Disney tune. The only thing all the songs have in common is that they're only the good ones.

On the road I listen to XM. The presets are Symphony Hall, Met opera, Lithium, Classic Rewind, Bluegrass Junction, and BB King's Bluesville.

Comment Re: Wow (Score 1) 540

He's welcome to build a bunch of million dollar homes in my area. There aren't any homes in my city that are that expensive. Maybe it would make my house worth a few thousand more.

Reminds me that about three years ago the government (using my $$ and your $$) remodeled a bunch of apartments at one of the oldest, most run-down housing projects in a big city near here. Most of the damage they repaired was caused by the residents. They spent about $225,000.00 per apartment. There were hundreds of homes for sell in the county for less than that. Hell, MY house cost less than that! Why didn't they just buy the damned houses and tell the occupants of the housing project to move into them? "Here's your home. Now don't bother asking the taxpayers for more money."

Comment Re:IRS - Taxes (Score 1) 109

Income taxes are immoral. You're paid for your time (that's your life) and nobody should just take part of your life. If you pay income taxes and the money is given to somebody else, then you're essentially being their slave. They are claiming part of your life as theirs. That's wrong.

Taxes should be consumption based. That way everybody pays something, even drug dealers, illegal aliens, and tourists.

Since people with more money tend to buy more expensive things, they would probably wind up paying more in consumption taxes than they do now in income taxes.

The poorer people would be exempt from paying consumption taxes on basic necessities.

Hey, this is beginning to sound like the start of the Fair Tax! Call your Congress Critter and tell them.

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