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Comment Re:Um, so? (Score 1) 239

Because some people want to spend money other people earned. Apple earned a lot. So time to imply Apple "unfairly" keeps their own money. You should support ending this "unfairness" by taking away Apple's money -- so the anointed people can spend it on themselves without the inconvenience of working and earning it.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 1) 410

No one is shouting anything. I just don't care to debate someone trying to redefine already poorly-defined, loose categorizations. I'm just happy now that absolutely anything can be described as "strongly right wing".

Perhaps we can all stop taking that nonsense seriously and talk about ideas rather than which box those ideas belong in -- they're all "strongly right wing" and "left wing" and probably also "moderate".

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 0, Flamebait) 410

Thanks. This is proof that any time anyone says something is left wing, someone will post that it's "strongly right wing". I wasn't sure it would happen with this China post, but you came through. I can now confidently look forward to someday hearing how Che Guevara is strongly right wing.

Comment Re:And is Steve wrong? (Score -1, Flamebait) 410

In other words, "We have this story we're telling about Steve Bannon having impure thoughts about racial minorities. If you believe this story with all your heart, you can easily see how any statement he makes is a product of those impure thoughts. Also, as we all know, having impure thoughts about racial minorities is the worst sin imaginable."

Comment Pants-wetters wanted (Score 3, Interesting) 410

If you're wetting your pants every day because you believe made-up scary stories about future Trump Administration actions, China wants you. They have a special story they want to tell you, and they know that after you hear it, you'll do exactly what they want you to. You're the perfect recruit. Apply now.

Comment Re:Lovely but. (Score 1) 121

Good questions and I'll add to them..

How do they apply coupons?

By not taking coupons.

How does the store manage returns?
What happens when a customer puts an item back on the shelf in the wrong place?

Have guys working there to stock shelves and handle weird exception conditions.

What digital security measures are they taking? (not just on the database side, but criminals with RFID scanners would surely target a place like this)

Dealing with elaborate theft schemes isn't the main thing that stores worry about. Maybe the answer is: "buy theft insurance".

Comment Re:Lovely but. (Score 2) 121

So I'm going to be a naysayer here (and yes I watched the video)

1. How do you control age restricted materials?

By not selling them. Obviously a better choice is for everyone to stop policing their neighbors' lives, but...

2. How do you control for multiple people co-ordinating to select a complete set of goods?

By not opening the stores in high crime neighborhoods. But mostly by not worrying about it. You know who is in the store and presumably you have cameras.

3. How are they going to use the huge amount of personal information they will collect on what you buy?

Add it to the info Amazon already has on what you buy from Amazon.

4. You can't pay with cash.

Shut down Internet commerce. You can't (generally) buy things online with cash.

5. You have to have a smart phone plus the Amazon App. So it verges on "company store" mentality and all the negative connotations of "company towns"

Apparently you don't know what company stores and company towns are. Hint: it's not when there are lots of competing stores around.

6. You can't come in and browse to see if you want to shop at the location before committing.

... to download Amazon's free app.

7. How do they control for turning your phone off after entering the store (or the battery dies)?

Same way self checkout handles exception conditions.

Comment Re:Hillary lost because people don't like her (Score 1) 324

Fake news ... it's a problem because it's being systematically and purposely used to poison discourse and destroy the entire political system of your country

For a lot of us, it was poisoned to death at least 10 years ago. And we said so at the time, and no one cared.

A cataclysmic one, for which the whole world will pay dearly.

Speaking of "truth", please explain how you know the future.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 4, Insightful) 324

Like I'm going to go "have a reasonable discussion with someone I don't agree with".

How would anyone know whether they disagreed with you? A "reasonable discussion" requires explanations of your thoughts. A list of half-articulated observations isn't something people can "reasonably" discuss.

I'm sure some people will react and emote with you though. And congratulate themselves for being righteous because ... well, mostly because they enjoy thinking they're righteous and better than other people.

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