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Comment Hallelujah! (Score 1) 1227

I don't have any mod points right now to mod you SJWs down, so I'll just have to say, Hallelujah!

Every Democrat has a laminated "race card" that they play every chance they get. Now I have a "Kiss My Ass" card and I'm going to wear it over the next four (hopefully eight) years!

Mod me down if you wish, but I'm getting the last laugh. Change your diapers, dry your tears, get your thumbs out of your mouths, go to work, and shut up.

The Republic is safe again. Thank God Almighty!!!!

Comment Re:Synesthesia (Score 1) 132

The type I have is that scents have color and texture. So I can describe a smell as dark red and dusty, or smooth and bright blue. I also sense them as sharp or dull or somewhere in between.

I've never met anyone else who has this particular type of synesthesia and it's hard to explain.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 1) 408

But why would you expand OAK twice? HSR isn't going to Oakland twice - or even once. And how is it "for the record" when you just make up random large numbers?

Airports serve lots of people going lots of places, not just people going from LA to SF.

No one is talking about ridership on this train that's anywhere near 30% of the daily users of those airports.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 2) 408

For a small fraction of $68 Billion, it would be easy to solve wait times at airports for popular regional flights. And it is a 60 minute flight, so comfort is less of a concern than for a (more expensive) 3-4 hour train ride.

If pollution is the issue (for green religious types), you could use another small fraction of $68 Billion to subsidize the switch from gas to electric for millions of cars -- that would more than make up for some extra planes.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 0) 408

It's more expensive and much slower than air travel. Plane tickets for regional flights are cheap. Maybe your country has weird air travel pricing? And $68 Billion could be used to make air travel more convenient.

Also, the LA-SF train won't be completed until 2029. Trains might not be obsolete now, but they will be before they could ever be widespread in the US.

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