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Comment Re:I wish I could purchase laws... (Score 1) 75

I don't want to buy a politician. They eat like pigs and are not even house-broken. They would be a pain in the ass to clean up behind. You couldn't trust them enough to leave them home alone; they'd steal everything you own, no matter how little you have. They're born liars. Your neighbors would never forgive you if you brought one of them home with you.

I wouldn't even want to live next door to one of them.

Comment What are they talking about? (Score 5, Informative) 29

The summary mentions security a bunch of times, but it says nothing about any specific security measures or requirements. So I clicked through to the article. The article is similar to the summary: no specifics. It links to a long "requirements" document.

What does the document "require" regarding security? Answer: a written plan. 5G networks should write down their plan and send it to the FCC. It should have some specific list of headings and sub-parts.

So the result of this is ... paperwork. Yay...?

Comment Re:I always use my home as an example (Score 4, Insightful) 146

If it runs through my yard on the way to your location, then there's going to be a problem, a BIG problem.

You see, all maps have errors - printed maps, Garmin maps, Google maps, ALL maps. Garmin shows streets that aren't there and misses streets that are there. Google maps shows my house two doors down from my house. I've been using maps on my job for the past forty years. I've seen it all.

Also, street names/numbers are not permanent, they change, and so do addresses. New streets and neighborhoods are built all the time. Hell, I've been on streets where odd and even are on the same side, and where houses right across the street from each other have the same number. I've seen houses on streets where the house numbers run like - 402 next door to 1607 next door to 723. I've seen street signs with four different names for the two streets that intersect. BTW, it's not the houses that are numbered, it's the lots. Even vacant lots have numbers.

Mapmakers insert some errors on purpose. They can tell by the errors if somebody else is using their data. But even traditional paper maps have errors. I bought a map years ago (Rand McNally) that switched the names of two cities. How can you trust a map for tiny details when they can't even get the names of major cities right?

Humans can adapt to changes quicker than machines. Maybe one day AI will be good enough to totally trust. We're just not there yet despite all the wishful thinking.

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