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Comment Re:When it was like a small club (Score 1) 136

It was still possible in 1994 to visit all the sites starting with www. !!!

My favorites were Sun's guide to building sites and the Yale medical school style guide.

My first site in 1995 got over a million visitors. We did a Cannes film festival site and the URL was on the big screen at the Tokyo central railway station, the one you see on TV all the time. Unfortunately it is lost forever, the Japanese ISP went broke in 2005 or about then.

Comment I am so glad... (Score 1) 279

... that I am not everybody and don't have a facebook account. My social media is out there in the street!

I use G+ because hangouts are a part of it and I can talk to my sister in Australia. I also use circles to exchange with various groups of people - friends, family...

Comment What do I have to say to the public? (Score 1) 210

I am not the kind of person to stand up on a soap box at Hyde Park Corner. So why would I post to the public? I do it to promote my boat building web site, period. Everything else I have to say is reserved for "family" or "friends" or other special interest groups/comunities.

Hey doesn't that sound a lot like "social media"?

Comment Re:Chinese that speak English (Score 1) 578

The global 1% are bilingual (at least) They have studied languages because their parents can afford to send them overseas to expensive schools.

The hip Chinese kids are just being snobs when they speak in English in their home country. Elite Western kids speak French when they are in Paris and Spanish when they are in Madrid. I bet if they are in a French restaurant in New York city they are even capable of speaking French there too...

Your theory is BS

Comment Sure, sure English will rule the world (Score 4, Interesting) 578

First of all do not confuse language and dialects. People around here speak Basque, one of those tiny languages which are gong to disappear according to some. But young people here are becoming more and more interested by their cultural heritage and more and more are learning Basque. That is because there is a unification of the several Basque dialects into a single language understood and spoken by all. Dialects have disappeared or are disappearing but the language is reinforced

English is my mother tongue but where I live I had to learn another language, French, in which I am fully bilingual. Right now I am learning Spanish because I live 11 km from the border and it is quite handy. My girlfriend speaks French, Spanish and Basque and has decided to learn some English. Many Europeans speak several languages and it doesn't seem to be an issue for them.

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