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Submission + - Is the Web heading toward redirect hell? (

Ant writes: "Royal Pingdom reports that every web sites seems to be heading toward redirect hell — "Google is doing it. Facebook is doing it. Yahoo is doing it. Microsoft is doing it. And soon Twitter will be doing it.

We're talking about the apparent need of every web service out there to add intermediate steps to sample what we click on before they send us on to our real destination. This has been going on for a long time and is slowly starting to build into something of a redirect hell on the Web.

And it has a price..."

Seen on Linux Today."


Mozilla Plans Fix For Critical Firefox Vulnerability In Next Release 140

Trailrunner7 writes "A month after an advisory was published detailing a new vulnerability in Firefox, Mozilla said it has received exploit code for the flaw and is planning to patch the weakness on March 30 in the next release of Firefox. Mozilla officials said Thursday that the vulnerability, which was disclosed February 18 by Secunia, is a critical flaw that could result in remote code execution on a vulnerable machine. The vulnerability is in version 3.6 of Firefox."
Social Networks

MySpace To Sell User Data 199

OnlyJedi writes "Hot on the news of Netflix canceling its latest contest over privacy concerns, news has spread that MySpace is going in the opposite direction. Apparently, the one-time leading social network is now selling user data to third party collection firms. From the article, the data that InfoChimps has listed includes 'user playlists, mood updates, mobile updates, photos, vents, reviews, blog posts, names and zipcodes.' InfoChimps is a reseller that deals with individuals and groups, from academic researchers to marketers and industry analysts. So if you're worried about your data on MySpace being sold off to anybody with a few hundred dollars, now's the time to delete that little-used account."

Submission + - HD-DVD is dead, hail Blu-Ray

mn2346 writes: NHK Online is breaking the news that Toshiba has stopped the production and development of HD-DVD players.

Here's a quote from the site

"Japan's electronics giant Toshiba Corporation will withdraw from high-definition DVD production. Sources say Toshiba plans to stop producing HD-DVD players and recorders at its plant in Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, and further development of the products. The plan will probably be officially decided at the company's board of directors extraordinary meeting early this week."

Submission + - not really scalping Wii Consoles

gwbooth writes: "In an open letter to the community explains the reasoning behind the Wii Consoles they have on eBay.
From Slackers website: In a December 20, 2007 article posted on the on-line site Ars Technica, author Ben Kuchera wrote a sensationalist article about Slackers, in which he makes a number of sweeping and factually incorrect statements about Slackers' practice of selling Nintendo Wii Game systems on eBay. In his article, Mr. Kuchera claims that Slackers "stockpiles" its entire allotment of Wii systems from Nintendo and sells them exclusively on eBay at substantial mark-up. This article is factually inaccurate, and unfortunately, other sites are picking up this story and spreading the misleading piece. In his article, Mr. Kuchera claims that he attempted to contact me, Slackers' owner, multiple times to comment on his article. That is simply not true. Had Mr. Kuchera contacted me, I would have told him exactly what I am telling you in this letter."

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