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Comment Re:Enough rope (Score 1) 387

Typescript is great if you like that sort of thing, as is coffeescript. Both provide a nice clean way to write lintable js with nice constraints. Typescript provides static analysis and classes and interfaces that compile to native javascript prototype Object orientation, but it doesn't automatically produce closures as far as I know.

Comment Re:Aprils Fools? (Score 1) 387

Gosh, this makes me super happy. Coming, as I do out of the webOS environment, I think javascript is a great language for app development.

Of course I want to use a great framework like and I want to use closures extensively to keep namespaces separate, and I want to use any one of several math libraries to do stuff other than simple double precision arithmatic (which is plenty good enough for lots of stuff of course.) But still Scheme exact arithmetic library for js. node.js bindings for the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library.


Submission + - HP Donates to WebOS's Major Hombrewing Group ( 2

Kilrah_il writes: WebOS Internals Group is the central repository for all the homebrewing done on the WebOS platform, including apps, patches and kernels. Recently it became clear that server infrastructure would fall behind future progress in the WebOS world. "So they asked HP's Phil McKinney, who has arranged to donate an HP Proliant DL385 2u server with 32 gigs of RAM and 8 terabytes of disk space... Notably, this is a straight-up donation, no strings attached — so WebOS Internals will remain how they always have: completely independent from the company whose OS they hack on."

Comment Re:Premature to write off Microsoft (Score 2) 178

No, actually, you don't.

That's the thing that people who haven't actually used webOS devices don't "get." You do not have what webOS gives you.

In attempting to use android devices over the last few months, I become more and more frustrated at the UI. I'm in a news app, it links out to a web page and I'm in a browser and there's -no way- to get back to the news app without closing the browser. It's running on a computer platform more powerful than my desktop was just a few years ago, and it can't have multiple windows open at the same time? Bah. Humbug.

WebOS provides a seamless user interface. Android and IOS both are cut up into little pieces. It's very frustrating to be in a twitter app, and have a message come in, and a phone call, and no way to select which app I want to go back to, even if the OS didn't put the apps not on screen on hold instead of letting them continue to run in the background.

On webos, I can have a video running in a minimized card while I have a phone call going on, while I have a twiiter app updating, and flip between them easily. Now, I know that the average user isn't going to have the 10 or 12 windows I leave open on my Palm Pre + all the time, but the people I know who own them who are NOT geeks love the UI and mutter and mumble angrily when they're confined to android and Ios phones.

HP has a lot of work to do to get that fact into the publics mind, but webOS is by far the most USABLE portable operating system in the world. Is it somewhat short of apps as of today? Yep. Is it worth the effort? Yep.

Comment Re:Get Real... (Score 3, Informative) 49

It is not a tech demo. It is a fully playable app. The app launches into a demo. Backswipe in the gesture area to bring up the game menu. Full details of keybindings are on the wiki. As of this morning, we are using part of the screen for a simulated joystick, which eases gameplay.

Submission + - Palm Pre and WebOS get native gaming 1

rboatright writes: WebOS developers have been waiting, and with the 1.3.5 release, Palm's open source page suddenly listed SDL. ( ). Members of the WebOS internals team took that as a challenge and within 24 hours had a working port of Doom running in SDL on the Pre, in a webOS card. ( )

48 hours later, they not only had Quake running, but had found in the latest LunaSysMgr the requirements to launch a native app from the webOS app launcher from an icon just like any other app. ( ) At the same time, the team demonstrated openGL apps running. ( )

With full native code support, with I/O available via SDL, developers now have a preview into Palm's future intent with regard to native code SDK's, and a hint of what's coming.

Comment Re:Windows Mobile (Score 5, Insightful) 332

Excuse me for not jumping on the giant bandwagon here, but let's try something different.

Back in the "good old days" of palm before the pre, there WAS NO over the air app store installed on the treo. You had to google for someplace to find apps for your treo, you had to go there, you had to down load them, and you had to install them using the hot sync program.

That was easy for Aunt Minnie (NOT!)

Palm has NOT FORBIDDEN that process, Dali Clock and Tip calculator are available at this web site, and at PreCentral EXACTLY as they were back int he Treo days, and can be installed by any user EXACTLY as they were back in the treo days.

Palm has ADDED the over-the-air app store so that AUNT MINNIE can find apps. And people are bitching that there is a small set of hoops that Palm and the cell carriers want you to jump through that if you distribute apps (which could be evil) over THEIR NETWORK not over the in-tar-tubes.

They want to be able to verify who you are but having a tax ID, and they want to validate that you're serious by charging you $5.00 Wow, that's SO irrational.

I'm sorry. I disagree.

Rick Boatright

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