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Comment That's still just postscript (zipped) (Score 1) 49

You give them credit for Postscript and for pdf. Pdf is essentially Postscript, zipped, with some of the code commented out. So really they deserve credit just for Postscript.

Except that postscript was largely created at Xerox PARC, before John Warnock and Chuck Geschke left. Warnock and Geschke wanted Xerox to sell Postscript (then called Interpress) as a standalone product, but Xerox chose not to. So the two left and created Adobe to sell Xerox's idea.

So anyway their one great thing, Postscript, wasn't created by Adobe.

In the days when cross-browser Javascript/Actionscript was darn near impossible, Adobe Flash was *conceptually* a good idea - a plugin that carried the same dialect of JavaScript/Emacscript to every browser. Unfortunately they really, really suck at security.

Comment If you need 1/4 of a server, absolutely (Score 1) 70

Absolutely, if your WordPress blog needs about 1/4 the resources of a server, a virtual machine is a good way to do that. I offer that for our smallest customers. (We call it "Half Server", two cores and 8GB dedicated to each customer.)

If you need a cluster of 4, 40, or 400 nodes in your cluster of Squid proxies, the virtualization works the other way around - a true cluster is a rack row of machines that look and act like one. Each node, each piece of hardware, is an interchangeable and disposable part of of the whole. There's no reason to run a hypervisor on the nodes, the whole row, the whole cluster, is a virtual service.

Comment It's called an "example" (Score 4, Insightful) 70

It's called an "example". There are millions of servers that do almost nothing but run a bunch of Apache threads, many that do nothing but smtp, many that do nothing but nosql lookups, etc. It's very common, especially for companies with thousands of servers, to have servers dedicated to a single task.

Comment More cores fed by that $12 billion power plant (Score 1) 70

Data center power is expensive. Mostly because it's reliable and redundant. And yes, every watt used is a watt of heat that has to be removed by the cooling system.

Suppose it was literally true that a data center was powered by a dedicated nuclear power plant. It costs about $12 billion to build a power plant. How many cores would you like to be able to power from your $12 billion investment? If I operated a big DC, I'd rather power a million low-power CPUs from my X gigawatts of power than only be able to use 100,000 power hungry CPUs.

Not that most DCs are powered by a dedicated power plant - you really want connections to at least TWO power plants, and you typically want to be in the datacenter business, not the power plant business.

Comment Yes, and $xxx million to build the system (Score 1) 39

Yes, that's the demand side of supply and demand. Also, they spend a couple hundred million or whatever building the system nationwide, and recovered that $xxx million plus the interest they paid (or could have received) on that $xxx million, 25 cents at a time. That's the supply side.

AFTER they spent however much to build it, the incremental cost to send one MORE text was low, but they needed to pay off the loan of $xxx million that they used to build it in the first place.

Comment It *may* not exist. I can eavesdrop on keyboards (Score 1) 77

> it is hidden for other wireless tech devices like mice etc that don't use Bluetooth, simply because you don't see the network selection and authentication doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

If you can't see it, and don't know what standards are used, don't assume there is any authentication or confidentially. I can eavesdrop on wireless keyboards sold by Microsoft and other companies.

Comment That's called Myspace, 53 million songs (Score 1) 192

> If it weren't for the RIAA & large music industry companies I bet there would be large sites where all artists could upload their music and users could search for a specific artist, by genre or similar to someone they'd heard

That's called Myspace. There are 53 million songs for you to choose from on Myspace.

Some people like that approach and use Myspace or similar sites to find music. MOST people don't want to sort through 53 million songs by artists of varying quality, and greatly varying production quality - even a really good artist can sound crappy if the sound engineers and others involved in producing the song don't do an excellent job. Most people would rather have *somebody else* sort through the artists and songs for them, arrange to have skilled technicians and producers work with the artist's who are pretty good, then deliver an album of predictable quality.

Comment Openipcam.com local lan only, plenty of choices (Score 1) 50

The first result in my Google search for "open ip camera firmware" looked pretty promising, so I'm guessing you have another requirement that none of those cameras meet? Using the open firmware DOES mean upgrading from the factory firmware, is that a major issue?

> Sent a video feed to other device on my network.

If your firewall or vlan restricts it to your local network only, how important is future firmware support? If it works today, with a standard/open protocol such as mpeg, and it's not connected to the internet, what future upgrades can be so important?

Comment TODAY's weather is predictable (Score 1) 85

> Weather cannot reliably be forecasted, and anyone who's paid attention knows this.

Even just a radar map alone is sufficient to predict what the weather will be like *today*. Predicting a week out, you may as well just use the long-term average (summer will probably be hot).

Global warming is of course an entirely different ball of wax. Based on my efforts to find the most objective information I could find, it appears to be a lot like Saint Nickolas - a real thing, with a LOT of hype and fiction built up around it.

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