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Submission + - Sun Microsystems' stars: Where are they now? (

alphadogg writes: Sun was founded Andy Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Scott McNealy and Bill Joy in 1982. The company went public in 1986 and was raking in $1 billion in annual sales by 1988. One of the brightest lights in Silicon Valley for more than two decades, Sun’s bread and butter was high-performance workstations and servers running Sun’s SPARC chips and Sun’s Solaris operating system. The company was also a staunch open source supporter. The recession that began in late 2007 pummeled the financial industry, which accounted for about a third of Sun revenues. The company never recovered and was sold to Oracle in 2009 for $7.4 billion. While Sun is gone, memories linger for former employees. Sun exec Mike Dillon says, "Although it has been three years since the sale to Oracle, not a week goes by that I don’t speak to some former employee or Sun partner. Most of the people have significant jobs and careers, but when describing those other jobs, they always stare wistfully away and say something along the lines of: 'but, it’s not like Sun.'”

Submission + - Hitler assassination plotter Von Kleist dies (

Dynamoo writes: "The BBC reports that Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist who was involved in the 20 July plot to kill Hitler died last week at his home in Munich. He was arrested and later released for his involvement where many other plotters were executed, and after the war he created the Munich Security Conference which brought together heads of state and senior diplomats to discuss international security issues. What would have happened if Von Kleist and his associates had succeeded in killing Hitler? Perhaps a different leader might not have made so many mistakes?"

Submission + - Former Atari CEO bids to save his old gaming company from bankruptcy (

An anonymous reader writes: Former Atari Interactive CEO Frédéric Chesnais has decided to take a 25.23% stake in the company in a bid to save it from bankruptcy, Atari announced on Tuesday.

He will pay principle shareholder BlueBay just €400 for 7,451,122 Atari shares, and for mandatory convertible bonds that give him access to another 5,528,736 shares.

"I made this move because I love the team, I know about games, I love the brand and in the past we have all spent nights and days to make it shine," Chesnais said in a statement, adding that he didn't hesitate for one second when he heard the bad news. He plans to work hard to seek the financing needed for Atari: "I am just given a few weeks to put the Company back on track and I have to give it a try," he said.

Submission + - SPAM: To Be a Mystery Diner

mattnbrenda writes: "I always wanted to be a secret shopper but I got tired of answering ads about jobs and finding out that they just wanted my money. There are companies that say they will give you a list of companies that hire Mystery shoppers for a low price of $49.95.I'm sure that if you are reading this then you went through the same kind of situation that I did. I don't really want to go out to all kinds of strange place at weird hours, I just want to eat. I guess that would make me a Mystery Diner instead of a Mystery shopper. I know that this is a legitimate job, but I really didn't know how to go about getting it. I can't see paying someone so that I can work for them and with the internet and Google, I will find a way. I did manage to find a few pretty cool training program and I am reading a ton because I don't want to be ripped off. I will keep you undated as I learn."
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Submission + - Lauch Escape System to be tested for Apollo like capsule in the Baltic sea (

An anonymous reader writes: The Danish amateur rocket group Copenhagen Suborbitals are readying to test their Launch Escape System for the Tycho Deep Space capsule in the Baltic Sea east of the island Bornholm Sunday 12th August. Live coverage can be found at , , and

Live transmissions are expected from 8 am localtime (UTC+2). Live transmissions, audio commentary as well as VHF audio are expected to be available. The Tycho Deep Space is the intended capsule for a later planned suborbital shoot to the edge of Space lead by Peter Madsen and Christian von Bengtson.

Submission + - Pixar's OpenSubdiv Tech demo (

An anonymous reader writes: Last week at SIGGRAPH, Pixar Animation Studios announced OpenSubdiv, an open source implementation of the Renderman subdivision surface technology, thus releasing the patents to the long standing Pixar "secret sauce". In addition to the offline subdivision scheme, it also includes a GPU implementation. This video demonstrates a realtime deforming subdivision surface running at 50 FPS in Maya (though it is freely available to use anywhere). The source code is available on Pixar's GitHub account.

Submission + - Curiosity Transmits First 360-Degree Panorama From Mars (

redletterdave writes: "Five days after NASA's Curiosity rover successfully landed on Mars, the one-ton robot sent another postcard back to Earth, this one a 360-degree doozy. Curiosity's first panorama, albeit black-and-white, gives Earthlings a great high-quality glimpse at the surface on Mars, specifically within the 96-mile Gale Crater."

Submission + - UCLA scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars (

SternisheFan writes: "From the article:
        For years, many scientists had thought that plate tectonics existed nowhere in our solar system but on Earth. Now, a UCLA scientist has discovered that the geological phenomenon, which involves the movement of huge crustal plates beneath a planet's surface, also exists on Mars. "Mars is at a primitive stage of plate tectonics. It gives us a glimpse of how the early Earth may have looked and may help us understand how plate tectonics began on Earth," said An Yin, a UCLA professor of Earth and space sciences and the sole author of the new research. (read more....)"


Submission + - Arrested Man Sues Under Anti-Slavery Amendment (

OopsIDied writes: Finbar McGarry is suing the state of Vermont for $11 million after being forced to work washing other inmates' laundry at 25 cents an hour while being held for trial. McGarry claims that prison officers threatened to place him in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day if he refused to work. McGarry was eventually tried, and his charges were dropped.

Submission + - $50 sound cards impress versus integrated audio (

crookedvulture writes: "Most PCs have audio integrated right on the motherboard. There's much to be gained from upgrading to a discrete sound card, though. This look at a couple of sub-$50 sound cards from Asus explores what can be found at the budget end of the spectrum. In blind listening tests, both cards produced better sound than an integrated solution. They also offered superior signal quality, but neither had an impact on gaming performance. The days of hardware-accelerated game audio seem to be behind us, with developers handling positional audio processing in software."

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