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Comment Death Machines (Score 1) 397

I have had a femur destroyed by a car driver. Of course this is not considered an act of violence -- simply that I (as a pedestrian or cyclist) got in the way of a car. I was in the "right" -- the driver received a charge of "careless driving". Nearly killed me and I still use a cane after three years.

I don't operate a motor vehicle; I don't even have a driving license.

My take on this? Cars *must* be completely automated. I do not trust drivers. My other "attitudes" to the car society? Inner-city speed limits set to STRICTLY 30 to 40 kilometers/hour.

No seatbelts or airbags allowed as "safety devices" -- these certainly do not help with cars killing pedestrians and allow the car operators to be mre reckless.

On car-only highways, I would certainly allow unlimited speeds -- I don't even care about "drinking and driving" on those highways.

In cities and shared paths? I really want automated cars.

Comment Re:No comparison with M$ Office (Score 2) 254

The last time I looked, Microsoft Office did not come with Visio. Last time I was forced to use Microsoft Office, I had to get the IT department to order and install Visio (and Microsoft Project). LibreOffice can edit Visio material directly.

However, LibreOffice can also bring in (import) Dia material, which is my preferred "Visio-like" tool. I also use Xfig. LibreOffice can revise Visio material, such that I can exchange with a Visio user.

As to "Outlook", my preference has been Evolution (for a long time). For notes, I use Evolution, Zim, Xournal and Gnome notes.

I am not sure what "the inevitable reply" is. The software I use meets my needs. May not meet your needs, but then, you are not me. Are you trying to sell me on Microsoft Office? That is very likely a non-starter: Microsoft Office would need to be able to accept Dia drawings.

Comment Re:Linux, on the other hand... (Score 1) 405

"Acer Aspire One can't do ... compositing".

Um, yes it can.. It can also do 3D -- most of the Aspire Ones, anyway... The line started with the Intel 945GSE Express. Later, some used ATI Radeon 4225.

The AAO D270 has an Atom N2600 (or N2800)- with Intel GMA 3600/3650 (PowerVR SGX 545), and that one doesn't do Linux 3D.

So, for use with Linux, avoid the D270 (use a D257), and 3d and compositing will work just fine.

(owner of 5 of these, running Linux).

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 755

From the post I replied to:

"If you want the Linux eco-system to be accepted start by getting rid of Stallman..."

Stallman doesn't have much to do with Linux anymore. Yes, Redhat had a lot to do with egcs, and gcc is the primary compiler.

But my reply still stands.

I think the post I was replying to was... um... lacking critical arguments.

Comment Re:Who's arguing that? (Score 1) 257

Interesting. It doesn't compare, because it has not been released yet...

The Tesla S spanks the competition in luxury sedan market. All the comforts of a full-size sedan and the performance... of a $60k street racer (or a much more expensive car). Tesla seems to build the best car they can.

And why wouldn't the Tesla 3 duplicate this feat? Simply be the best $35k car yet made? You don't know that, and I don't, either.

Comment Re:I can't imagine the Tesla ever being "affordabl (Score 4, Interesting) 257

The cost of the car is the combination of the purchase price, and the price of fuel, maintenance over the life of the car.

The "average American" spends $3,000 per year on gas. That is $30,000 over ten years. Tesla supercharger stations are free. And, electricity is cheaper than gas.

That Tesla will never need an oil change.
Interestingly, ignoring the recommended maintenance does NOT void your Tesla warrantee.

Just something to think about.

Comment Re:It is called good coding. (Score 2) 189

In the Apollo timeframe, a "supercomputer" would be a CDC 6600 (1964).

3 MFLOPS and up to 10 million instructions per second, 60 bit word size, 262144 words of main memory (~3 million 6 bit characters) -- yes, your smartphone is more powerful. This was STILL the most powerful mainframe in 1969.

Comment Re:Could be good if just for legal mumbo jumbo (Score 3, Informative) 136

What "sneak"?

Electric drive systems are usually rated by power (in Watts). The motor is usually 90% efficient.

Common power limits in various jurisdictions are 250W, 500W and 1000W.

For your reference, 500W is around 1/2 horsepower (0.68). That is enough to propel a rider at 20mph. However, getting to that speed costs power.

Yes, most ebikes are made in China. At the end of 2013, an estimated 181 million ebikes were on in use in China, with sales of 37 million units.

This Copenhagen Wheel? Will be a small blip in the market.

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