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Submission + - BBC Radiophonic Workshop revived online (

ratbag writes: From BBC news: "The BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, which created theme tunes and sound effects for programmes including Doctor Who and Blake's 7, is to reopen after 14 years. The original workshop was known for its pioneering use of electronic sounds. Founded in 1958, it was best-known for creating the eerie swoosh of the Doctor Who theme tune, but its compositions were also used in numerous radio dramas, The Goon Show and The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.As well as music, the workshop created sound effects — from champagne corks popping to the distorted, strangulated voices of the Daleks.'

Comment There's already a driving licence - the ECDL/ICDL (Score 1) 427

I'm surprised Mundie didn't use Wikipedia (Not Invented Here?) before he spouted off - there's already a driving licence for computers at least (though it strangely doesn't include Internet 'skills') called the
European Computer Driving Licence or ECDL for short. Although it started in Europe, it's spread worldwide ("European" becomes "International", so it's then known as ICDL) to 148 countries, including the US.

I seem to remember that it's very Microsoft-oriented though - the courses typically involve MS applications and probably don't consider alternatives ( etc.) at all. I guess that makes it even more ironic that Mundle didn't refer to it. And, no, I've never taken the ECDL/ICDL so does that mean I'm guilty of "computing without a licence"?

Comment Private jet. (Score 2, Interesting) 549

There's nothing better than driving to the local municipal airport, parking in the lot, and walking directly from the car to the plane (conveniently parked 100 yards away). No TSA, no jerks loudly talking on their cell phones, no one to destroy your luggage, and comfortable seating. Not to mention the "always a direct flight" perk.

Yes, I consider myself very lucky to have a relative (by marriage) with his own jet. God knows I couldn't afford one!

Comment Re:screen (Score 1) 307

Well, but you're making the huge assumption that any security breach must occur because of a breakdown of the fundamental cryptographic protocol. In fact, all publicly known ssh vulnerabilities have been the result of implementation errors of one sort or another.

So, the question is: Are you more likely to encounter implementation errors or other commonplace security flaws during key negotiation or during stream encryption? I think the answer is pretty clearly key negotiation, because the attack surface is larger. Unless you're worried you might lose control of the open session to a local attacker.



Submission + - NASA replacing moon missions with astroids? (

An anonymous reader writes: Some of the most influential leaders of the space community are quietly working to offer the next U.S. president an alternative to President Bush's "vision for space exploration" — one that would delete a lunar base and move instead toward manned missions to asteroids along with a renewed emphasis on Earth environmental spacecraft.

The alternative vision would include missions to asteroids with the goal of an emergency asteroid diversion and missions to the Earth-Sun Lagrange points for research and possible servicing of the James Webb Telescope. The telescope was recently approved to carry a lightweight Crew Exploration Vehicle docking system. Other issues being considered are robotic options for all mission elements and working to better define manned versus robotic tradeoffs. The vision would also include far greater private-sector incentives for participation at all levels. Missions to asteroids and Lagrangian points, for example, are likely to carry along Bigelow-type commercial inflatable modules.

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